The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1087

Chapter 1087
Ellinor had planned to say goodbye to Karan in the main hall but feared she might interrupt her meditation. After some thought,
Ellinor decided to leave the monastery
While stepping out of the monastery, Ellinor spotted Collin by the car on the phone. He spoke into the device with the utmost
respect, “Yes, siri I understand, I’ll make sure Ellinor is safe and sound!”
Ellinor frowned. It seemed like Collin had reported all her actions to that man.
However, that man hadn’t called her or even sent a single text.
It was quite thought–provoking.
And that man used to be pretty jealous, but after learning that she was with Bartlett, he didn’t even call to question her?
Maybe this meant that he was really losing interest in her. Didn’t he care about her anymore?
He probably had Collin protecting her just because of the baby in her belly, nothing more!
Without a word, Ellinor got into the car.
Bartlett rushed out and hopped in the car with her.
“Ellinor, why didn’t you wait for me?”
Ellinor shot him a cold look, “Wait for you? You’re too busy living it up to show up, and you blame me for not waiting?”
Bartlett was quite riled up, “I was discussing donations with Chloe, and I asked her for an account number! I had no idea you’d
leave now!”
Ellinor frowned, “Why are you donating to this monastery? Do you have too much money and nowhere to spend it?”
Bartlett looked innocent, “Is it wrong to donate? I see the nuns here struggling, and I want to improve their lives! It’s charity, it’s
contributing to the world!” Ellinor snorted, “You really think your money’s gonna be used for the monastery? I’ve donated so
much over the years, and I’ve seen no improvement here!”
Bartlett was slightly taken aback, “Are you suggesting that Chloe would embezzle the funds?”

Ellinor smirked, “I didn’t say that! If you want to donate, go ahead. It has nothing to do with me!”
Bartlett shrugged, “Alright! I’ll donate less. This place did raise you, after all. So the people here are your benefactors. Even if the
money ends up in Chloe’s hands, consider it repayment for her care over the years.”
Ellinor frowned deeply, “What does it have to do with you if this place raised me? Bartlett, aren’t you being a bit nosy?”
Bartlett shrugged nonchalantly, “Maybe? If that’s how you see it, I can’t help it!”
Ellinor rolled her eyes, “If that’s what you think, I suggest you keep your money! Because Chloe never took care of me, she’s not
my benefactor! The only one who’s been good to me is Karan! Mr. Rex, no matter how much money you have, it sure as hell
didn’t grow on trees. Save it for your wedding!”

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