The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1088

Chapter 1088
Bartlett leaned in close to Ellinor, “I’ve saved up enough dough for marriage; I just haven’t found the right gal yet. I don’t even
know where to start looking. Ellinor, can you help me out?”
Ellinor twisted her lips in distaste. She was ready to tell him to back off when the driver’s door opened and Collin walked in. He
cleared his throat, “Ahem!”
Bartlett didn’t seem phased, he just straightened up casually.
Collin asked thoughtfully, “Mr. Rex, where are you headed?”
Bartlett answered straightforwardly, “I want to go where Ms. Mendoza is staying. You guys can just bring me along. If we live
close, we can watch each other’s backs if anything comes up.”
Collin clearly wasn’t keen on the idea, “Mr. Rex, I’m sorry, but Ms. Mendoza is headed to the Howard’s Mountain Villa. It might
not be convenient for you to tag along.”
Bartlett raised an eyebrow, “The Howard’s Mountain Villa? That’s even better. I can just give Balfour a call!”
As he said this, he pulled out his phone, ready to dial Balfour’s number.
Ellinor, unable to stand it, snatched his phone and hung up the call before it went through. She asked irritably, “Mr. Rex, what are
you trying to do?”
Bartlett feigned innocence, “Ellinor, we’re friends. I’m glad to see a familiar face in this strange place. I just want to live close to
you so we can watch out for each other. That’s not too much to ask, is it? I’d be scared living alone up on the mountain. Can’t
you sympathize with a single guy like me?”
Ellinor clearly didn’t believe he was scared, so she scoffed, “If you’re so scared, why’d you come alone? Even if I wasn’t here,
you’d still be living alone, wouldn’t you?”
Bartlett frowned slightly, “You’re right! I didn’t think it through before I came. If you guys hadn’t reminded me, I would have
forgotten that the Howards had a vacation villa up here. I could give Balfour a call; he might even have time to vacation with me.”
Ellinor didn’t want Bartlett to call Balfour. If Balfour knew she was here, he might come.

She didn’t want Balfour to come. He v was still recovering from a foot injury from saving her last time. There was no need for him
to come up the mountain.
Ellinor thought for a moment, then handed the phone back to Bartlett, “Don’t call Mr. Howard. He’s injured and doesn’t have the
time to entertain you!”
Then she turned to Collin, “Fine, let him come to the Howard’s Mountain Villa.”
Collin frowned but reluctantly agreed, “Alright, Ms. Mendoza.”
Bartlett grinned, “It’s been a while since I last visited that place; I think the last time was during our school days…”
Ellinor cut him off without hesitation, “Mr. Rex, can you please shut up? Nobody wants to hear about your
Bartlett shrugged and laughed, then finally quieted down.
Half an hour later, Collin drove them back to the Howard’s Mountain Villa.
Everyone there knew Bartlett as a friend of young Mr. Blanchet. After Bartlett explained his reason for coming, the villa’s butler
courteously arranged for someone to prepare a guest room for him.
Ellinor didn’t concern herself with Bartlett’s arrangements and went straight back to her own room.
Collin dutifully followed her, waiting until they were alone to remind her, “It’s best if you don’t get too close to Mr. Rex.”
Ellinor had never planned to get close to Bartlett, but she was curious, as she had been warned before not to get too close to

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