The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1090

Chapter 1090
Ellinor picked up on the fact that it was the same woman who had answered Theo’s phone when Veronica called. It felt like a
punch to the gut. She didn’t ask and just waited in silence, hoping he’d explain who the woman was on his own.
But he didn’t.
In a rush, Theo told her, “Babe, you should get some sleep. I need to step out for a bit.”
Ellinor didn’t get a chance to ask more before he hung up. He ended the call in a flash, not even sticking around to hear her say
another word.
She stared into space as the busy tone echoed in her ear. She wondered who the woman calling him was.
And why didn’t he explain anything to her?
She tossed her phone aside and curled up under the blanket, hugging her pillow tight like a little ball.
It was a reaction of extreme insecurity and a desire to protect herself.
She spent many nights like this as a child, only changing her ways when she learned to defend herself as she grew up.
But now, that old feeling of insecurity seemed to be creeping back and gnawing at her again.
She didn’t know how she managed to fall asleep.
When she woke up, it was bright out, and the warm sunlight streamed through the white curtains.
She slowly opened her eyes as she rubbed her temples, only to wake up to a broad, masculine chest.
Ellinor froze. At first, she thought she was dreaming, then instinctively touched the chest in front of her. It felt so real that it gave
her chills!
She had just woken up, and her head was still foggy, but she knew that she wasn’t home and that her man was out of the
So who was this man holding her?

Ellinor’s mind raced through all the possibilities until she thought about that boundaryless bloke, Bartlett.
Oh no! He didn’t sneak in during the night, did he?
Ellinor was startled by her own thought, then moved to check if her nightgown was still intact under the blanket. But then she
realized that she had nothing on. Her nightgown was nowhere to be found!
Things were really messed up!
She sat up abruptly and yelled out in frustration, “Ah!”
“What’s wrong?”
The familiar voice and tone made Ellinor pause, then she turned and saw Theo’s handsome face in her line of sight. Theo was
lying on his side. His handsome face looked a bit tired as he sat up and moved closer
her, “What’s wrong? Who did you think it was?” Ellinor was still in a state of panic, but she breathed a sigh of relief, “I didn’t
expect it to be anyone. Waking up with a man next to me is going to startle anyone, right?”
She almost thought that she had betrayed him. Thank goodness she didn’t!

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