The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1102

Chapter 1102
Bartlett said casually, “Just a casual question, showing some concern”
Theo scoffed coldly, “After all these years, you’re still the same, always having a thing for married women”
Ellinor was stunned after hearing Theo’s words. She looked at Bartlett incredulously
What did Theo mean?
Was he saying Bartlett likes to steal other’s wornen?
Bartlett seemed completely unfazed, saying with a smile, “I don’t have that kind of habit. Theo, you should trust me, whatever
happened before, I was always the passive one.”
What happened before?
What? What?
Was there a story here?
Ellinor was curious. She looked at Bartlett and then at Theo, wanting to know what had happened between them.
Theo remained expressionless as Bartlett claimed he was the passive one. Seemingly too lazy to argue, he just continued to
feed Baber the soup in his
Bartlett’s deep–set eyes squinted, and with a provocative tone, he said, “But this time, I don’t want to hide it from you. I do have
a thing for your wife?
Ellinor choked on her milk, “Cough, cough.”
Was Bartlett out of his mind?
Theo remained calm, his cold eyes glancing over, “You dare touch her?”

Bartlett chuckled, “Why are you so worked up? Theo, you don’t strike me as someone lacking confidence. Are you truly afraid I
steal Elino??
Theo gave him a cold stare, then looked at Ellinor, his gaze full of confidence, then back at Bartlett, If you want to steal her, it
won’t be that easy Bere as a friend, I hope you don’t test my patience.”
Bartlett laughed lightly, “Oh? Have you three ever really considered me a friend?”
The three?
The three Bartlett was referring to must include Theo, Jonah Wyton, and Kemp Larios, right?
Ellinor was even more curious, her eyes shining as she watched the two men, waiting for more.
However, Theo remained silent, not denying Bartlett’s suspicion.
Meaning, he admitted that the three of them never really considered Bartlett a friend.
Bartlett didn’t seem surprised by Theo’s admission; he just laughed sarcastically, “Since you three never considered me a friend,
do I still need to follow the rule that a friend’s wife is off–limits?”
Theo’s eyes narrowed, and the atmosphere instantly changed.
Ellinor could feel the tension between the two men; she suddenly worried they might start fighting.
At that moment, Balfour Howard’s voice broke the awkward silence.
ཇ ཇ ཛ བཻ ཡཾ ༀ
“What are you guys doing? Not eating? What are you talking about?”
Balfour, leaning on his crutches and unstable on his feet, walked in with the assistance of Quinton.
Seeing Balfour’s strong will despite his disability, Ellinor was a bit surprised, and her brows furrowed slightly in displeasure.

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