The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1103

Chapter 1103
Bofour was finally there
über Bartlett sax Baffour walk in, the smirk on his face faded. He laughed and teased, “Balfour, it’s been years, and it’s the first
time I’ve seen you like
Balfour shot him a glance and said. Seems like you’re really in for a treat today!”
Battett chuckled, getting up to help him. Come on, Mr. Howard, take a seat. Seeing you hurt like this, it really gets to me.”
Bafine sorted but didn’t turn down Bartlett’s help.
Elinor observed Bartlett’s attitude towards Balfour and began to think.
It seemed that, like Colin said, Bartlett and Balfour were pretty tight. They even joked around, unlike the sharp tension between
Bartlett and Theo.
And the relationship between Thee. Jonah, and Kemp seemed even closer. They often joked around.
Before Elinor thought they were all childhood friends. She didn’t expect there to be cliques among these guys!
When Balfour was about to sit down, his eyes landed on Ellinor. He frowned, “You came here alone and didn’t even tell me?”
Eliner shrugged it off, taking a sip of her soup. 1 didn’t tell you, but you found out anyway, didn’t you?”
Bufour sac sencusty, “You’re realy making people worry, you know?”
Before Xena and Patricia had attacked Elinor. How dare she meet Xenia alone?
He heard about Elinors purpose for going there, which was to discuss Baber’s custody with Xenia, but he was still angry about
her reckless behavior.
If something hacpered, it would have been too late for regrets!
Elinor wasnt happy about Balfour’s immediate criticism and accusation, “Mr. Howard, did you get something wrong? First of all, I
didn’t come here on my own. I’ve already told your ecers Secondly, I didn’t tell you because there was no need. Although I used

to work at the Howard Group for a while, you’ve fred me! Now I’m not your subordinate. I don’t need to report my whereabouts to
you, do I?”
Balfour was at a loss for words. He always saw her as a little sister, but she didn’t see him as a big brother.
In Elinor’s heart, he might not even be as good as a stranger right?
Every time he thought about those, Balfour would feel bitter and guilty.
Although he was angry he had no right to blame Ellinor. After all, he was wrong in the way he treated his sister!
When Elinor responded like that, Balfour softened his tone. “Ellinor, as your brother, I’m not blaming you. I’m just worried about
Efiner scoffed. You dont need toll don’t remember having a brother like you! Mr. Howard, I hope you can understand your
position in the future and stop
meren in my afars.”
Balfour sac nothing
Barden had never seen the proud Balfour being criticized so straightforwardly. He found it quite amusing.
He had noticed that Balfours antude towards Elinor was a bit different. At first, he wondered if Balfour had a crush on Ellinor.
But as far as he knew Balfour wasn’t into cute little girls like Ellinor.
Later, through closervation and deduction, he figured out that Ellinor might be Balfour’s long–lost sister!
Probably only a sister could make Balfour so downcast and submissive.
Balfour I thought you came to the villa specifically to find me and to treat me well! Now it seems it has nothing to do with me!”
Bartlett joked.

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