The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1105

Chapter 1105
So, Theo had no worries, letting her eat her fill.
Seeing Theo leave with the kid, a faint smile appeared on Ellinor’s face.
She still felt a little hungry. Well, no harm in eating more!
The back–kitchen chefs at Howard Mountain Villa were top–notch, and the breakfast hit the spot.
However, her main beef was that she wasn’t alone. Balfour was sitting across from her, watching her eat. And it was really
getting on her nerves.
Balfour saw Theo leaving with Baber and squinted his eyes slightly. Being a cool cucumber, he quickly caught on. That was an
opportunity Theo had created for him to spend some alone time with his sister and have a chat.
Theo seemed even more aloof than him, but sometimes he could be understanding.
Maybe he was considering Balfour’s role as an uncle–in–law and preparing for possible future scenarios!
“Ellinor, anything else you fancy? I can have it made for you.” Balfour asked with concern.
Ellinor, however, wasn’t too pleased. She furrowed her brows and looked at him warily, “Enough! Mr. Howard, I appreciate the
gesture, but please don’t refer to yourself as my brother. Thanks for your cooperation!”
Balfour sighed, “Alright, I’ll try my best!”
While munching on her bread, Ellinor suddenly remembered something and asked, “Mr. Howard, did Bartlett have any beef with
Theo, Jonah, or Kemp before?”
Hearing Ellinor’s question, Balfour was taken aback, “Why do you ask?”
Ellinor said, “Oh, you walked in just as they seemed to be having a bit of a tiff. It sounded like they had some sort of fallout
before. Mr. Howard, do you know anything about it? Can you spill the beans?”
While Balfour wasn’t exactly best buds with Theo, Bartlett was his friend, and it wasn’t his place to badmouth his friend.
“Ellinor, you’re a girl! You don’t need to poke your nose into these men’s business!”

Ellinor’s face, which had previously been eager to know the truth, turned bored. She huffed and stopped paying any attention to
Seeing that, Balfour felt helpless and somewhat at a loss. Ellinor had just initiated a conversation with him, and he seemed to
have ticked her off again.
He hesitated for a moment and decided to let Ellinor in on the past, but before he could open his mouth, Xenia’s crying could be
heard from outside.
“Mr. Blanchet, considering the years of friendship between Patricia and you, could you help me get Patricia out of prison? I
promise, Patricia won’t interfere with you and Mrs. Mendoza anymore. Please, I beg you…”
Then, Theo’s cold voice sounded, “The emotional relationship between Patricia and me was a scam you orchestrated. We don’t
actually have any friendship. Mrs. Howard, out of respect for you as my elder, I try not to say much. Don’t push me to say
something unpleasant.”
“Mr. Blanchet, but my daughter Patricia is really innocent; she loves you so much…”
Theo said, “I’ve already been lenient by not holding you two accountable for deceiving me. What more do you want from me?”

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