The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1108

Chapter 1108
Next, Ellinor started packing her stuff.
After a night at Howard Mountain Villa, it was about time to head home.
And since Theo had also shown up, if all went well, they should be able to take Baber home without a hitch.
That would mean she’d accomplished what she went there for. There was no need to linger.
༈ ༈ འ ཋ ཕ ༈ –
As she was packing, her phone rang.
Not wanting to disturb the two sleepers, Ellinor grabbed her phone and stepped out of the room to take the call.
It was Chase Larios on the line. The usually laid–back guy sounded pretty busy, “Boss, where are you?”
Ellinor answered honestly, “I’m at Howard Mountain Villa What’s up?”
Chase responded, “Howard Mountain Villa? Where’s that? Send me your location. I need to see you. We need to talk.”
Seeing Chase being so cautious, Ellinor felt it must have been something important, maybe not something he could discuss over
the phone.
“You don’t need to come here. I’m heading back today. Meet me at Twilight Bar tonight.”
Chase replied, “Alright! Ida and I will be at Twilight Bar waiting for you.”
After hanging up, Ellinor felt a bit uneasy. It was rare for anything to get Chase that serious. She was worried something big
might be going down.
She put down her phone and turned around, only to find Theo leaning at the door, his deep eyes fixed on her.
Ellinor was taken aback, frowning, “Why are you up? Why not sleep a bit more?”
Theo squinted slightly, “Who were you talking to on the phone? Why did you sneak out to take it?”

Hearing that, Ellinor was a bit peeved and shot him a glare, “It was Chase. I stepped out so I wouldn’t wake you and Baber! Is
there a problem?”
Theo walked over and lifted her chin, asking seriously, “Do you keep in touch with Chase often?”
Ellinor answered straightforwardly, “Yes! I’ve told you, he’s like family to me. He is a very important friend. Of course, we keep in
Theo scoffed, “No blood relation, and you call him family? You might see him as family, but he might not see you the same way.”
Ellinor frowned unhappily, “What are you getting at? Are you doubting my relationship with Chase again?”
Theo, holding her chin, his fingers lightly grazing her smooth cheek, said, “I’m not doubting you, but I have no reason not to
doubt him. For a man who’s always trying to contact someone else’s wife, it’s normal to question his motives.”
Ellinor glared at Theo, quite upset, “You have time to doubt others; why not take a good look at yourself first, Mr. Blanchet?”
Hearing the sarcasm in her words and her addressing him as Mr. Blanchet, Theo’s brow furrowed, “Look at myself? What have I
done to upset you?”

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