The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1136

Chapter 1136
Devin bowed his head, “Alright, don’t get mad. I’ll fetch Baber right away.”
After saying this, Devin quickly went off to look for the kid.
Ellinor shifted her gaze to Belinda, “Belinda, you go and help Devin keep an eye on that mischievous boy.”
Belinda, being a smple-minded girl, nodded without a second thought. “Sure, Ellinor!”
Belinda also left, leaving Ellinor alone with Chase and Ida in the living room.
Taking advantage of the quiet, they quickly caught up.
Ida whispered, ‘Boss, what’s up with you? Why aren’t you answering your phone or replying to messages?”
Ellinor replied, “Someone messed with my phone. It only takes calls from Theo. I can’t get through to you guys, and I can’t send
messages either”
Chase frowned, “Why? Is Theo’trying to keep you here to pop out babies?”
A hint of sarcasm flashed in Ellinor’s eyes, “I guess he knows I found out about him manying another woman. He’s scared I’ll
leave but wants the baby, so he’s keeping a close eye on me.”
Chase gasped, “Holy moly! He’s not really planning on keeping you here until you give birth, then taking the baby, is he?”
Ida kicked Chase, “Get a grip. Don’t freak out; we’re at the Blanchet Villa”
Chase cleared his throat and straightened up, “Boss, what’s your plan?”
Ellinor said, “You guys figure out a way to get me out of here”
Chase rubbed his chin, “Looks like Marissa was pretty cautious earlier. Doesn’t seen like she’s letting you go easily.”
Ellinor knew Marissa was siding with her grandson, Theo. She was watching her every move, so leaving openly was nearly
“I didn’t say today. Which one of you can give me a phone? I need to be able to contact the outside world at any time.”

Chase nudged Ida, “Ida, leave your phone with her, I still need mine.”
Ida shot him a cold look. “So only your phone is useful and mine’s not? You leave yours!”
Seeing them bickering made Ellinor frown, “Really? Is it this hard to lend me a phone?”
It wasn’t that they didn’t want to lend her a phone; Ida was just worried about the mess of messages from Bryan.
Ida took out her phone, cleaned up the content, and handed it to Ellinor
Ellinor quickly pocketed it, “Later, you guys distract Marissa Blanchet with some poker Don’t let any suspicious expressions slip;
only when she’s happy will she let, her guard down!”
After instructing them, Ellinor got up and headed to the kitchen.
The kitchen at the Blanchet Villa was big, spacious, and bright
Although Manssa was preparing lunch, the staff didn’t dare let her do it herself. The old lady just sat and instructed the chef on
how to prepare the dishes.
When Ellinor walked in, all the staff bowed respectfully to her.

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