The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1137

Chapter 1137
Marissa saw Ellinor walk into the kitchen, her face showing a hint of surprise, “Ellinor, what brought you to the kitchen? Go chat
with your friends, I’ll call you when it’s time to eat ”
Ellinor smiled, “No womes, they’re munching on snacks. I just came to see if there’s anything I can help with.”
Marissa waved her off, “No need, there are a lot of people helping already. The kitchen is full of cooking fumes. You’re pregnant
now; it’s not good for you to be in
Ellinor looked down at her belly as she gently rubbed it, “Granny, you mally care about the little one inside me, don’t you?”
Manssa sincerely said, “Of course, that’s my great-grandchild in there. How could I not care?”
Ellinor chuckled, “So once the baby is born, am I going to be dismissed as the mom?”
Marissa was taken aback, quickly grabbing Ellinor’s hand, “Ellinor, what are you talking about?”
Ellinor gave a bitter smile, “I just suddenly feel like I have no freedom in this family. I feel like a baby-making machine that needs
to be taken care of by everyone.”
Marissa explained, “Ellinor, you’re pregnant, so I have indeed been more attentive to you. But even before you were pregnant, I
truly cared about you. I’m old, and I do want to see my great-grandchild, but I never saw you as just a baby maker”
Ellinor still looked down, “But I feel like you and Mr. Blanchet have changed.”
Marissa held her hand tighter, ‘Theo’s been busy lately. Once he’s past this busy period, I’ll have him come home and be with
Ellinor gently pulled her hand back, “If you don’t need my help, I’ll leave.”
She turned and walked out of the kitchen, looking quite downcast.
Marissa watched Ellinor’s retreating figure, feeling a pang in her heart. She called out, “Ellinor.”
Ellinor stopped and turned around, “Granny, is there something else?”

Marissa got up and walked over, gently touching her face. “Ellinor, you might be more sensitive because of your pregnancy, so
don’t overthink things. Theo really cares about you; I can guarantee that. I know Theo has people keeping watch and riot letting
you out, and you’re upset about it. But he’s really worned about something happening to you while he’s overseas and can’t get
back in time.
How about this? If the weather’s good tomorrow, I’ll go out with you. Those people won’t stop me, wherever you want to go, I’ll
be there with you.”
Ellinor’s plan worked, she feigned surprise, “Really?”
Marissa answered seriously, “Of course, when have I ever lied to you?”
“Thank you, Granny! But I’m not sure where I want to go yet; it’s really uncomfortable to feel this restricted. I’ll let you know once
I decide.”
“Okay, I understand Theo has indeed been a bit overbearing. I’ll talk to him later. Go chat with your friends. I’ll call you when
lunch is ready.”
Ellinor obediently nodded and turned around, her docile expression instantly became calm and composed.
She was indeed angry about her lack of freedom, but she no longer expected anyone from the Blanchet family to lift the
restrictions. It seemed they all held the same attitude
She decided to act gentler, so Marissa could take her out, and then find a chance to escape. It would save a lot of energy.
As for Theo, she was deeply disappointed.
As for her position as Mrs. Blanchet, she was willing to give it up and let someone more suitable take it.

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