The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1138

Chapter 1138
As Ellinor returned to the couch, only Ida was left.
She sat next to Ida and asked, “Where did the other guy go?”
Ida waved her hand lightly, pointing towards the view outside the glass window of the Blanchet Villa’s living room.
Following Ida’s gaze, Ellinor saw Chase on the lawn, holding Baber and playing with Belinda.
Ellinor squinted, “When did Chase start to like kids?”
Ida adjusted her glasses and asked, “Ellinor, do you really think he likes kids?”
Ellinor replied, “What else?”
As she spoke, Ellinor noticed Chase helping Belinda remove a leaf that had fallen on her head. Quite considerate of him.
Belinda instinctively stepped back, thanked him, and then focused completely on Baber, maintaining a certain distance from him.
Seeing this, Ellinor frowned.
Ida, knowing the inside story, hinted at a guess. “I think he’s probably stuck in a rut, unable to get out easily, right?”
Ellinor looked at Ida and asked, “What’s the deal?”
Ida said, “We grew up with Chase, and we all know that he was popular with girls since he was a kid, but he never took any of
them seriously. Because of this attitude of his, no girl took him too seriously either, no girl thought he was their only choice
Like attracts like, so over the years, there were no girls around him who truly cared for him.
But Ms. Wesley is pure and sincere, she used to bring him homemade lunches with love and treats him with the utmost
seriousness, like a normal person. He’s never been pursued so seriously, isn’t that a fix? If it weren’t for you forbidding him to
approach Ms. Wesley, I guess he might seriously start dating her”
“Serious?” A hint of complexity flashed in Ellinor’s eyes, “His seriousness means thinking about marnage?”
Without hesitation, Ida said, “Definitely not. You know he’s a man who doesn’t want to get married”

“So you’re saying, this love affair is going nowhere, even if he’s serious, it’s just a game!” Ellinor had a rather pessimistic view of
love, “Belinda was once hurt by a man who was ready to get married. She only dates men who want to marry, she cant bear to
be hurt again. That’s why I don’t let Chase get close to her.”
Ida nodded thoughtfully. “A relationship with no future can be very damaging to a woman, it can even affect her mentality for life.”
Ellinor remained silent.
Yes, even the strongest woman couldn’t avoid being hurt in love.
In the yard of the Blanchet Villa.
Chase held Baber up high. At first, Baber was scared of strangers, but then he slowly relaxed and found it fun, he was even
giggling now.
Belinda watched Chase under the sun. His face was full of gentleness as he amused the child. She thought they looked lovely.
“Mr. Lanos, I didn’t expect you to like kids this much.”
Chase brought Baber, whom he had been holding high, back into his arms and asked, “Do you think I like kids?”

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