The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1139

Chapter 1139
Belinda gave a nod, “If you didn’t like kids, how would you have the patience to make them happy?”
Chase responded, “I just noticed you looked a bit worn out holding the kid, so I came over to lend a hand.”
Belinda was taken aback, and her heart skipped a beat. He said he helped her because he thought she was tired.
Hold on! Don’t overthink it. Chase was always fair and impartial to women, there was no hidden meaning
Belinda quickly dismissed the unnecessary thoughts in her head, saying. Thanks, Mr. Larios. But I think you actually like kids. If
you didn’t, even holding them would feel like a chore. My ex-boyfriend was like that, he didn’t like kids and was always cold
towards them.”
Upon hearing Belinda mention her ex-boyfriend, Chase squinted his eyes and chuckled. Then why were you still with him?”
Belinda sighed. “He treated me well. He always tried to make me happy, and I thought that once we had our own kids, he would
definitely become more tender towards them. But later, I found out that his kindness to me was all fake. He just wanted to use
me and take advantage of my family’s connection with the Blanchet family.”
As she spoke, Belinda’s face turned gloomy.
Chase held Baber’s hand and gently poked Belinda’s face.
Belinda snapped back to reality, feeling a little awkward.
Chase softly said, “Forget about the past. Don’t blame yourself, either. You’re great; It’s all that guy’s fault.”
She was great? Belinda was a bit surprised. Was Mr. Larios trying to comfort her?
Even though she was great, he still didn’t like her? This kind of consolation made her even more self-doubting.
Just then, Belinda’s phone rang, playing a cheerful tune.
She took out her phone and answered, “Hello, Jacob? Whats up?”
The man’s voice on the other end was gentle but slightly anxious, “Belinda, have you finished up with Mr. Larios and Ms.
Gipson? It’s lunchtime: I can order some takeout and bring it to you. If a girl doesn’t eat on time, she might get low blood sugar,”

Belinda was slightly embarrassed by her colleague’s consideration, “Oh, no need! I’m at my uncle’s place now; I’ll be having
lunch in a bit”
Jacob sounded confused, “Your uncle’s place? Belinda, you mean Mr. Larios and Ms. Gipson also went to your uncle’s house?”
Belinda knew she shouldn’t disclose the bosses whereabouts, so she said, ‘No, I went to my uncle’s after accompanying Mr.
Larios and Ms. Gipson.”
She didn’t continue because she didn’t want them to know that she was the niece of the Blanchet Corporation’s president.
If too many people knew, it could cause some trouble.
When she was working at her uncle’s company, because everyone knew her status, people would often come up to please her
or even to inquire about her uncle’s private affairs, which was really annoying!
Jacob was very tactful and didn’t ask any more questions. Instead, he asked her nervously and shyly, “Are you free tonight?
There’s a new movie out. Could we go see it together after work?”
“Huh? There’s a new movie? I didn’t know!”
“I’ll send you the movie poster later, you’ll see. If you’re interested, we can go see it together tonight.”
“Okay, send it to me.”
After hanging up, Belinda quickly received the movie poster Jacob sent.
It was a pitch-black poster with no specific characters, just the bloody character of ‘death.”
“It’s a horror movie!” Chase’s voice suddenly sounded nearby.
Belinda snapped back to reality, looking up to see Chase leaning in to look at her phone.
She felt a bit uncomfortable and instinctively tucked her phone away, criticizing him with some discontent, “Mr. Larios, this habit
of sneaking peeks at other people’s phones is really not good.”

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