The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1141

Chapter 1141
Veronica noticed that a bunch of people were at her house and found it odd. She glanced at Ellinor, who was feeding Baber, then
at Belinda, who was sitting next to Ellinor, and finally at Chase, who was sitting next to Belinda. She frowned and turned to
Belinda, “Belinda, why are you still hanging out with this dude? You should steer clear of him.”
Belinda, who was eating, was mega embarrassed and tongue-tied upon hearing what Veronica said.
But Chase didn’t get nled up, instead, he chuckled, “What’s the matter, Miss Blanchet? You seem to have a bone to pick with
Veronica, who always called the shots, especially in her own house, shot back, “Right, I don’t care for you! What’s a guy like you
doing in our house? You’re not welcome here.”
Her blunt attitude made everyone present feel awkward.
Marissa Blanchet frowned at Veronica, “Veronica, you can’t be this rude. He’s Ellinor’s trend, you need to mind your language.”
Veronica was a tad miffed after being scolded by her grandma. She turned to Ellinor, I’m not blaming you, but I think you should
avoid hanging out with guys like him. Don’t you think his behavior is off-putting? He’s so shameless.”
Ellinor stared at Veronica without uttering a word; her glare was icy
While Chase’s behavior might be questionable, she wouldn’t tolerate anyone disrespecting him.
Veronica was taken aback by Ellinor’s glare.
But Veronica was such a character. Once she hated someone, she wouldn’t hold back. She glared at Chase again, “Grandma,
you may not know that this guy once toyed with Belinda’s feelings. He had no interest in Belinda but led her on. When Ellinor
was hospitalized, he took a girl to a hotel and had Belinda deliver contraceptives for him Isn’t he a jerk?”
Marissa being old, was shocked by this, “What?”
After hearing this, Belinda felt mortified. She left without finishing her meal, “Sorry. [m full. I need to go to the restroom
Once Belinda left, the atmosphere around the dining table grew even more awkward.

Chase shot Veronica a cold glance before getting up to find Belinda.
The remaining folks all glared at Veronica.
The glares made Veronica feel uncomfortable, but she didn’t think she was wrong. She just couldn’t stand bad guys. And this
guy, Chase, was a jerk. She didn’t say anything wrong
Ellinor couldn’t eat anymore either. She put down her spoon, “It seems like Miss Blanchet doesn’t welcome my friends here.
Never mind, you guys carry on. I’m full?
Ellinor left with Baber, and naturally, Ida wouldn’t stay either
What was supposed to be a happy meal turned into a total cringe fest.
Marissa frowned at Veronica in disappointment, Veronica, how could you talk about Ellinor’s friend like that?”
Veronica made an innocent face, “I didn’t say anything wrong. That guy really is a jerk! He used to bully Belinda. I’m just trying to
stand up for us girls!”
Marissa felt a headache coming on, “Belinda herself doesn’t mind, so why are you still complaining? Look, everyone’s stopped
eating Are you happy now?”
Veronica pouted, “Well, if they don’t eat, we willl”
Marissa huffed, “If they don’t eat, so be it. Ellinor is pregnant, and she barely ate anything before you upset her. If something
happens to her, wait till your brother comes back to deal with you!”

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