The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1145

Chapter 1145
Ellinor answered, “You’ll know when the time comes if he decides to help me” She chose not to spill the beans until she was sure
he would lend her a hand
Chase and Ida exchanged glances, both in the dark about who Ellinor might turn to for help
After lunch, the three continued chatting in the bedroom. Just as Ellinor was about to get someone to clean up, Devin popped in
with news, “Marissa’s got the card table ready. She’s asking if you and your friends can come and join her.”
Oh, the card game!
Ellinor nodded, “Okay, we’ll be right there”
After Devin left, Ellinor turned to her friends, “We’ll head over in a bit. You guys will have to play a few rounds with Marissa”
Chase and Ida weren’t thrilled about the card game, but they had to go along with what Ellinor said.
Manssa had the card table all set up.
Ellinor had two maids watch over Baber, who was sleeping in the room, before heading downstairs with Chase and Ida.
As they walked into the card room, they saw Marissa mediating between Veronica and Belinda, urging Veronica to apologize
Belinda wasn’t one to hold a grudge, she just nodded and let bygones be bygones.
Upon seeing Ellinor and the others, Marissa gave a warm smile and waved them over
“Ellinor, come here! Bring your friends over to play a few rounds with me. It’s been a while since I last played”
Ellinor smiled and led Chase and Ida to the table
Belinda, who didn’t know how to play, sat next to Marissa, helping her shuffle the cards while learning how to play. She never
glanced at Chase once, as if she were purposely avoiding him.
Chase sat across from Marissa, stealing glances at Belinda every now and then
With Veronica insisting on joining in, Ida ended up sitting next to Ellinor watching the game together.

Their initial intention was to keep Marissa entertained.
But once the game started, Chase seemed to forget that. He began messing up Veronica’s cards on purpose, making it look
accidental each time.
After a few rounds, Veronica was fuming, she was ready to flip the table.
However, she remembered Moran’s advice before he left, urging her to control her temper, and she held it in.
Marissa wasn’t a fool, she noticed that Chase’s interruptions weren’t coincidental Considering how Veronica had cursed him out
before, she couldn’t really blame
Still, Chase didn’t forget to entertain Marissa, letting her win a few rounds, which made her day.
By the time they finished the game, it was already afternoon
Manssa warmly invited her guests to stay for dinner, but both Chase and Ida politely declined. Belinda also gracefully tumed
down her invitation and left with
Chase and Ida.
However, Belinda didn’t join Chase in his car. After politely saying goodbye to Ida, she continued walking on her own.
Chase had his driver tail her slowly, then rolled down his window and said to her, “Hop in, I’ll give you a lift home.”
Belinda neither stopped or looked at him. She simply said, “Thanks for the offer, Mr Lanos, but I’m not planning on going home
right now.”

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