The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1146

Chapter 1146
Belinda was seriously miffed by what Chase said to her in the Blanchet family’s bathroom; she didn’t want to deal with him
anymore, and she was even considering not going to work the next day
Did she look like a floozy to him? He actually had the guts to insult her like that!
“Not going home? Where are you off to?” Chase asked, leaning out the car window.
“I’m off work, I don’t owe you a report of my whereabouts.” Belinda snapped without sparing him a glance.
Chase frowned slightly. “You came with us today, so technically it was a business top. If anything happens to you on the way
home, we are responsible. Be a good girl and get in.”
Belinda stood her ground. “Rest assured, even if anything happens, I won’t be dragging you and Ms. Gipson into it! Mr. Larios,
you should head home and rest! Bye!” With that Belinda purposely turned into a narrow alley where cars couldn’t follow.
She was annoyed and didn’t want to hear Chase’s voice, it messed with her thoughts
It got dark early in the winter.
After seeing Belinda slip into the dark alley alone, Chase squinted his eyes, thought for a moment, and then told the driver to
Ida glanced at him with a knowing look as she adjusted her gold-rimmed glasses, “You men are so cheap!”
Chase shrugged. “Yep, I m cheap!”
Then he got out of the car and followed Belinda into the alley
Ida didn’t plan on waiting for him, so she gave the driver a nod to get moving.
The alley was dark. Chase quickened his pace and caught up with Belinda, who suddenly started to run. She quickly ran out of
the dark alley and into a bustling

Chase naturally picked up the pace and followed her out, and just as he was about to approach her, he saw Belinda jog up to a
Belinda, panting, said to the man in front of her. ‘Sorry, Jacob, I hope you haven’t been waiting too long
Jacob’s eyes lit up when he saw Belinda, and he quickly shook his head, “Not at all, I’m just glad you made it, I thought you
might not come!”
Belinda steadied her breath, “I promised you we’d watch a movie, I wouldn’t stand you up, I just got a bit held up at my uncles.
Jacob had messaged her during the afternoon card game, asking if she’d decided whether or not to go see a movie with him.
She was feeling down at the time and thought some entertainment might take her mind off things, so she agreed to Jacob’s invite
and told him where to meet.
Although she wasn’t interested in horror movies, if she got scared, she might be able to forget all the stuff that was bumming her
Jacob smiled happily. “Let’s get going then!”
Belinda nodded, “Sure!”
There was a subway station nearby, and they both followed the crowd and didn’t notice Chase behind them. He stood in the
middle of the crowd, squinting at them with an awkward look on his face.
Huh, that girl moved fast. She actually agreed to see a movie with her coworker?
A guy asked a girl to see a horror movie. What was his angle? Did Chase not get it?
But then again, what did it have to do with him?
Chase gave a faint smile and turned to hail a cab home, but after a few steps, he stopped and his fists clenched. He couldn’t
bear the thought of Belinda being frightened in the movie theater and leaning on her male colleague for comfort. He suddenly
turned around and strode into the subway station.
After dinner, Ellinor went upstairs and saw that Baber was playing with his toys in bed under the watchful eyes of two maids.

When she returned, she sent the two maids away.

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