The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1147

Chapter 1147
She whipped up some baby food for Baber, asking him to quit horsing around and come eat
Baber was a good listener, the minute she called, the little guy dropped his toys like a hot potato, crawled down from the bed and
scampered over to her for grub.
Ellinor taught him to feed himself with a spoon, so Baber nodded and followed suit. Though he was a bit clumsy, he eventually
mastered the art of self-feeding.
Watching Baber eat on his own stirred some emotions in Ellinor, she was about to hit the road, and she had no idea if the
Blanchet family would take good care of this kid.
There were no blood relatives around, and Theo probably wouldn’t treat his adopted son exceptionally well. Even if he genuinely
cared about Baber, he wouldn’t have the time to attend to him.
That was why she was teaching Baber how to spoon-feed himself now, in case no one was around to feed him after she left, so
he wouldn’t go hungry.
While watching Baber munch, her phone rang.
She had two phones now; one was her personal, and the other was left to her by Ida.
The one ringing was her personal phone.
The caller ID showed that it was Theo.
Ellinor was quite taken aback that Theo would actually call her.
He was overseas with his legal wife, and he still had time to call her?
Ellinor let out a scoff and picked up the call.
She didn’t say a word, and the other end was silent too. Finally, it was Theo who broke the ice, “What are you up to?”
Ellinor answered nonchalantly, “Watching Baber eat.”
“Have you eaten yet?”

“I have.”
He asked, and she answered in a flat tone.
If she could, Ellinor didn’t want to take this call and didn’t want to have a chat with this man.
But now that she needed to plan her exit from the Blanchet family, she had to keep Theo off his guard.
Theo seemed to heave a sigh, and his tone also sank, “Did you play cards with Grandma today? Tired?”
Ellinor replied honestly, “Not really.”
Theo continued, “If you feel tired, just tell Grandma, you don’t have to keep her company for too long. Sitting for a long time isn’t
good for you.” Ellinor responded, “Don’t worry, it’s just a card game, it won’t affect me. You don’t need to stress about it, go about
your business!”
Theo, on the other end, went silent for a while. Feeling disgruntled, he said, “You think I called you just to check on your health?”
Ellinor didn’t argue with him, “Hmm.”
Theo was even more irritated, “Just hang up! There’s nothing good to talk about with you!”
Ellinor responded and hung up the phone without hesitation.
However, Theo on the other end was just bluffing. He was waiting for Ellinor to explain something to him, but all he heard was
the sound of the call being terminated.
He was so pissed that he almost crushed his phone.
A woman approached at this moment, asking, “Theo, what’s wrong? You look a bit off-color.”

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