The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1149

Chapter 1149
The guy’s voice was lighthearted, and he was also chuckling. Judging from the background noise, he was probably out and
Ellinor said, “It’s me.”
On the other end of the line, Bartlett Rex paused briefly. Then a glint of surprise appeared in his eyes. “Ellinor? This is a surprise!
You actually called me?”
Ellinor got straight to the point. “Mr. Rex, can you do me a favor?”
Bartlett asked with a laugh, “What’s in it for me?”
A small frown creased Ellinor’s brow, and she forced a smile, “Shouldn’t you ask me what I need help with first?”
Bartlett’s voice took on a teasing tone, “That’s not important! As long as you give me a chance to be near you, I wouldn’t
hesitate, even if you asked me to drop dead.”
Ellinor’s smile grew more awkward. She had once thought that Chase was the sweetest talker she’d ever met, but after meeting
Bartlett, she realized he was the real deal.
Ellinor didn’t entertain Bartlett’s sweet talk any longer and stated her intentions.
Bartlett didn’t waste time either and stated what he wanted in return.
After some consideration, Ellinor agreed to his conditions and hung up.
Bartlett still had a few words to say, but Ellinor didn’t give him the chance and ended the call, leaving him staring at his phone
with a sigh of regret.
“Bartlett, who were you on the phone with?” Jonah Wyton’s arm draped around his shoulders from behind.
Bartlett pocketed his phone and smiled, “Just a subordinate from the company, asking me some stuff.”
Jonah didn’t suspect a thing and laughed, “Let’s continue drinking then; we’ve gotta get Kemp drunk tonight!”
Bartlett followed Jonah back to the bar.

Meanwhile, just as Ellinor ended the call with Bartlett, an unknown number called in.
The phone belonged to Ida, so the caller’s name wasn’t displayed. Ellinor didn’t plan to pick up random calls and hung up.
But the unknown number called again immediately, which Ellinor again ignored.
After a few rounds of this, the number called for the sixth time. Worried that it might be something important, Ellinor picked up.
“Ida, why aren’t you answering my calls?” Ellinor was about to explain that she wasn’t Ida, but then realized the voice sounded
“Hmph! You’ve blocked me on social media too! What the hell are you trying to do? Haven’t I already apologized?” Ellinor
recognized the voice as Byran’s but was surprised. Why would he call Ida? What did they have to do with each other?
Byran continued, “Hello, Ida, why aren’t you saying anything? Are you still mad at me?
Oh, come on, I’m not even mad that you complained to my brother and had him send people to mess with me, so why are you
being so hard on me? You weren’t like this when you pushed me onto the bed that night!
You can’t just dump me like this!”
Ellinor finally understood the situation, and her expression became serious. She rubbed her forehead lightly, “When did you two
There was a pause on the other end of the line.
In a stern voice, Ellinor said, “Answer me!”

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