The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1151

Chapter 1151
Marissa looked at Ellinor with a pang of heartache. The girl looked healthy, her complexion was fine, but her spirit didn’t seem as
lively as before.
After expressing her thoughts, Ellinor turned and left.
She was aiming to make Marissa feel a bit guilty and let her guard down. By tomorrow, she was determined to leave the
Blanchet family, the family that had changed the course of her life.
As Ellinor left Marissa’s room, she saw Veronica playing with Baber in the courtyard, with Moran watching from the side:
Ellinor pondered for a moment, then walked out.
As soon as Baber spotted Ellinor, he immediately dropped Veronica and scampered towards Ellinor.
Veronica followed Baber with a playful tone. “Kid, I just spent all this time playing with you, and as soon as you see Ellinor, you
forget about me!”
Baber, grinning at Veronica, clung tightly to Ellinor’s leg, clearly showing his preference.
Ellinor gently patted Baber’s head, “Go play with Veronica; I’ll watch over you.”
Baber obediently took Veronica’s hand and walked off.
Veronica led Baber to the swing in the yard and started to swing him gently.
Seeing Veronica’s patience with a child made Ellinor feel slightly relieved. Even if she left tomorrow, Veronica, as Baber’s aunt,
would take good care of him, right?
Moran approached and greeted her.
Ellinor turned to look at Moran, giving him a polite smile, “You came pretty early today, huh?”
“It’s Saturday; there’s no school, so I came early to tutor Veronica.”

“Ah, you’re such a trooper.”
Moran’s face clouded over after seeing Ellinor’s nonchalant demeanor, “Ellinor, are you really okay here?”
Ellinor arched an eyebrow, “Do I not look okay?”
Moran frowned deeply as he gazed at her, “Before, I thought you were doing okay here; you seemed in good spirits. But recently,
I don’t think you’re doing well.”
Ellinor gave a light laugh, “You’re right, things haven’t been great lately.”
Moran looked frustrated, “Those guards at the entrance are watching you, aren’t they? Veronica’s brother doesn’t seem like a
good guy.”
Ellinor didn’t offer any explanation. After a moment of silence, she looked at Veronica and Baber, then told Moran seriously,
“Moran, if I’m not here one day, please make sure Veronica takes good care of that child. That child has been through a lot.”
Moran froze, “You won’t be here?”
Ellinor didn’t continue, and at that moment, Veronica shouted over to them, “Moran, can you come and push the swing for us?”
Moran was hoping for an answer from Ellinor, but she just nodded at him and said, “Go, she’s calling you.”
Understanding that Ellinor didn’t want to say more, Moran sighed with a worried look and headed over to Veronica.
Ellinor wasn’t worried about Moran saying anything to Veronica. In her opinion, Moran was a sensible boy. The things she had
told him earlier were just because she knew that Veronica would only listen to Moran.
If Moran urged Veronica to take good care of Baber, she believed Veronica would.

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