The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1152

Chapter 1152
She glanced around the yard of the Blanchet Villa, thinking about how she wouldn’t be coming back here anymore.
The only thing she felt attached to was that kid, Baber.
Time flew by, and before she knew it, a day had passed after three meals.
In the evening, after having her bath, Ellinor was getting ready to tuck Baber in with a bedtime story when her phone rang yet
To her surprise, it was another call from Theo.
What was his deal lately? Was he going to call her every single day?
Not wanting to raise any suspicions with Theo, Ellinor hid her irritation and picked up the call.
“Are you asleep?”
Theo’s voice was low and gentle, a stark contrast to the tension from their conversation yesterday.
“What do you think? Would I be able to answer your call if I was sleeping?” Ellinor’s tone was indifferent, neither pleasant nor
Theo’s voice sank a little, “I was worried I might have woken you up.”
Ellinor shot back, “If you were genuinely concerned about waking me up, you wouldn’t be calling at this time!”
Theo fell silent for a few seconds before his tone softened again, “I’ve been busy all day and just got some free time. Have you
eaten properly today?”
At this point, hearing this man’s concern for her made Ellinor feel a bit sick to her stomach.
She passed the phone to Baber, “Your dad misses you. Have a chat with him.”
Baber was ecstatic; his voice was full of excitement as he greeted Theo. “Daddy!”
Theo didn’t respond.

Unable to hear any response from the other end, Baber mimicked the adults and continued trying. “Hellos? Daddy…”
Theo let out a sigh before responding, “I’m here.”
Baber beamed after hearing his dad’s voice, “Daddy, come back soon! I miss you.”
Theo replied, “Be a good boy when I’m away.”
Baber assured him, “I’m good! I’ll listen to Daddy!”
Then Theo asked, “What’s your mom doing?”
Baber paused as his expression slightly became crestfallen, “I don’t have a mom… No mom.”
The ‘mom’ in his memory was Patricia Howard, but he didn’t want to acknowledge her as his mom anymore; she was always
mean and abusive to him.
Theo rubbed his forehead, “What’s Ellinor doing?”
Baber glanced at Ellinor beside him, “She’s lying next to me, keeping me company! She’s really nice; I like her!”
* F F F F D F F D = 3
Theo’s eyes unintentionally softened as he listened to the child’s innocent voice, “I like her too.”
Since the phone wasn’t on speaker, Ellinor could only hear Baber’s voice. She was clueless about what Theo was saying on the
other end. Holding the phone for Baber was getting tiring, and she impatiently took it back, “What do you want? I need to get the
kid to sleep!”
Theo’s voice was deep, carrying a hint of sincerity, “You’ve been working hard, looking after a child who has no relation to you
despite being pregnant.” Ellinor let out a cold laugh, “If you really thought I was having a hard time, you should come back and
take care of him yourself instead of just giving me lip service!”
After saying that, she hung up the phone.

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