The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1153

Chapter 1153
“What a pain in the neck!”
Ellinor tossed her phone aside, lay down while hugging Baber tightly, and started singing lullabies,
Lullabies calmed the child down and also soothed her mood.
In the early morning, dawn broke.
Today, the Blanchet family’s breakfast was prepared earlier than usual since Marissa Blanchet got up early to personally
supervise the servants’ preparations.
After a simple breakfast, Marissa planned to take Ellinor to Central Park to feed the pigeons and relax. Veronica and Baber also
joined them.
The bodyguards at the door initially tried to stop them, but Marissa gave them a stern look, and they backed off, promptly making
a call to report the
With Marissa around, the car smoothly exited the Blanchet family’s gates.
In the car, Marissa gently patted Ellinor’s hand and said, “Ellinor, I’ve had them prepare lots of sandwiches. If you and Baber get
hungry, you can eat in the car!”
Ellinor chuckled, replying, “Marissa, you really didn’t have to go through all the trouble of waking up early for this. If we get
hungry, we could just eat at a
Marissa shook her head, “Nope! You’re pregnant, so it’s better to avoid eating outside as much as possible. Who knows if the
ingredients are fresh or if, it’s safe to eat? Better safe than sorry!”
Sitting nearby, holding Baber, Veronica suddenly laughed, “Granny, you don’t have to be so cautious!”
Marissa pretended to be angry and huffed, “Ellinor is carrying my grandchild; of course I have to think more for her!

Ellinor also laughed, albeit somewhat reluctantly.
Half an hour later, the car parked in Central Park’s Plaza.
On the plaza, aside from lively pigeons, a band was singing, which attracted some bystanders.
Marissa, still young at heart, stopped to listen to these young voices.
Ellinor stood by Marissa, covertly scanning the environment.
Sure enough, as she’d expected, the bodyguards Theo arranged had followed, with several cars parked not far away, monitoring
Some people even got out and blended into the crowd while keeping an eye on her.
Ellinor thought for a moment, saying, “Granny, you stay here and enjoy the music. Veronica and I will take Baber to buy some
pigeon feed.”
Marissa nodded, “Alright, off you go; just be careful! Veronica, you look after Ellinor!”
Veronica replied, “I got it, Granny! How many times have you reminded me today?”
Marissa rolled her eyes, “If I don’t remind you over and over, how would you remember? Now off you go; accompany her to buy
the pigeon feed.”
Veronica, holding Baber, followed Ellinor to a small iron booth by the plaza to buy pigeon feed.
The pigeon feed was a bag of dry corn kernels that was priced at one dollar. Ellinor bought ten bags from the vendor and was
just about to take a picture to post on Instagram when suddenly, someone dashed out from the crowd and snatched her phone.
The thief, with her phone in hand, darted through the flock of pigeons on the plaza, causing them to scatter in all directions,
disrupting the order of the plaza.
Ellinor, in a panic, cried out, “My phone! There are important files on there! Quick, catch that thief!”
A few bodyguards that were mingled in with the crowd immediately ran over, “Ellinor! Are you alright?”

With a look of urgency on her face, Ellinor ordered, “Hurry! Help me get my phone back; it has important information about Mr.
Blanchet on it. Go!”

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