The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1155

Chapter 1155
The bodyguard didn’t trust him one bit. He furrowed his brows and continued pressing him. “If you keep insisting on that, then
please open the car doors and let us have a look. Seeing is believing!”
Chase chuckled sarcastically, “And who gave you the right to inspect my car?”
The bodyguard didn’t back down. “We understand this might come off as offensive to you, but if you don’t let Ellinor out or allow
us to check the car, then we can’t let you pass.”
Chase’s eyes narrowed. “And what if you inspect my car and find that Ellinor isn’t in it? What then?”
The lead bodyguard was certain that Ellinor was in Chase’s car; without any hesitation, he responded, “If Ellinor is not in your
car, then we’ll formally apologize right here and now!*
“Fine!” Chase snorted, “Go ahead and check.”
With the owner’s permission, the lead bodyguard led his team forward, opening all four doors to inspect the car.
In the car was a woman dressed exactly like Ellinor, sitting next to Chase.
The lead bodyguard paused for a moment and then quickly recognized her. It was Ida Gipson, who had come with Chase to the
Blanchet Villa yesterday.
Ellinor was nowhere to be seen in the car.
But why would Ms. Gipson coincidentally be wearing the same clothes as Ellinor?
Something was fishy!
The lead bodyguard thought for a moment, then said, “Mr. Larios, could you have someone open the trunk for us to take a look?”
Without a word, Chase just nodded, and the driver in front opened the trunk.
The bodyguards thoroughly checked the trunk, finding only a set of golf clubs and nothing else.
Chase’s voice was laced with impatience, “Done checking? Ellinor isn’t here, is she?”

The lead bodyguard walked over to Chase, frowning, “Mr. Larios, please hand over Ellinor!”
Chase laughed, replying, “I find you people really amusing! You stopped my car, suspecting that Ellinor was inside, so I let you
check. You found nothing, and yet you still demand that I hand her over? Where am I supposed to conjure her from?”
The lead bodyguard’s gaze shifted to Ida sitting next to Chase, “Why would Ms. Gipson coincidentally be here, wearing the exact
same clothes as Ellinor? Mr. Larios, this couldn’t just be a coincidence, could it?”
Chase glanced at Ida’s clothes, then laughed again, “Girls sometimes have similar tastes. They see a piece of clothing they like,
and they buy it. What’s so strange about a fashion clash?”
The lead bodyguard was stone-faced. “Then could you explain why you and Ms. Gipson are here?”
Chase looked as if he’d heard the most ridiculous question, “This is Central Park, a public place. Why can’t we be here? The
café around the corner is quite famous; we both like it and came here for breakfast. After eating, we decided to take a stroll here.
Is there a problem?”
The lead bodyguard fell silent.
Chase then gestured to the bodyguard, “If you don’t believe me, you can go ask the café if we had breakfast there.”
The other bodyguards also fell silent.
Seeing that they had nothing to say, Chase’s face suddenly turned cold, “I’ve already been more than generous in letting you
inspect my car! If you still won’t let me pass, don’t blame me for calling the cops!”
The lead bodyguard hesitated for a moment, then helplessly raised his hand, signaling the others to make way.
Chase closed the car door and ordered the driver to move on.

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