The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1156

Chapter 1156
Panic began to set in as the guards watched helplessly as Chase’s car disappeared into the distance. “What the hell are we
gonna do? How’re we gonna explain to Mr. Blanchet that we lost Ellinor?”
“Damn it! Mr. Blanchet’s gonna flip his lid!”
“We’re screwed!”
The lead guard snarled. “Enough! If you know Mr. Blanchet’s gonna have our heads, what are you waiting for? Go after Mr.
Larios! They didn’t just show up here for no reason! We might still find Ellinor!”


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On a quiet lane outside the park, a white Bugatti was parked.
Ellinor strode over briskly, opened the door, got in, and took off the wig she was wearing.
She’d already changed out of the clothes she was wearing when she left the Blanchet Villa, choosing instead to wear the clothes
Ida had stashed in the park restroom, which was how she’d managed to evade the Blanchet family’s bodyguards.
Bartlett Rex grinned at her, “You’ve got some pretty good disguise skills!”
Ellinor was tired from the run and not in the mood for small talk, “Cut the crap; can we get going?”
Bartlett smiled, started the car, and whisked her away from danger.
But they didn’t go far before he made a turn into a residential area.
Seeing the change in route, Ellinor frowned, “I thought we were going to the airport. Where are you taking me?”
Bartlett replied, “Heading straight to the airport now would be like walking into a trap. Theo will definitely send people to guard all
the major airports and train stations the moment he finds out you’ve escaped. Even the highway exits won’t be overlooked.”

Ellinor pondered it and found what Bartlett said reasonable, though she doubted Theo would go to such lengths for her.
“So where are you taking me now?”
Bartlett replied, “The most dangerous place is the safest. I don’t need to explain that, do I? We’ll hide out at my place for a
couple of days, wait until things cool down with the Blanchet family, and then I’ll arrange a private jet to get you out of the
Ellinor nodded, “I guess I should thank you then. But is this home?”
She looked out at the ordinary residential area and thought it didn’t seem like somewhere Mr. Rex would live.
Bartlett smiled slightly, “Yes, this is my home. What? Is it not to your liking? It’s certainly not as luxurious as the Blanchet Villa.”
Ellinor shook her head, settling comfortably into her seat, “What do I care? I lived in worse places when I was a kid. It just
doesn’t seem to fit your status. Don’t wealthy people like you live in mansions or upscale apartments?”
Bartlett chuckled, “This is actually where I lived as a child, so I haven’t been back in a while. Given you’ve just escaped from the
Blanchet family, we can’t stay somewhere too conspicuous, so I brought you here for the time being.”
“Ah, got it.” Ellinor still found it a bit odd. After all, Bartlett was also from the Rex family as a child, wasn’t he? Living in such an
ordinary residential area seemed a bit out of the ordinary.
However, she didn’t press further.
It wasn’t appropriate to pry into other people’s private affairs.
The old residential area didn’t have an underground parking lot, so Bartlett parked the car downstairs and then led Ellinor out of
the car and into one of the buildings.
On the second floor, Bartlett took out a key and opened a door, “After you.”

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