The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1157

Chapter 1157
Ellinor stepped into the living room and was a bit taken aback.
The house looked old and worn out from the outside, but the inside was a pleasant surprise. Although it wasn’t big, it was
stylishly furnished and spotless; it didn’t look like it was frequently used at all.
Ellinor, make yourself at home. I’ll get you something to drink.” Bartlett said as he headed towards the kitchen.
Ellinor sat down next to the sofa, casually taking in the surroundings, until a bottle of yogurt was presented to her.
Bartlett, with a wide grin, said, “You’re pregnant now, so you can’t just drink anything, right? Yogurt should be fine, yeah?”
Ellinor took the yogurt and politely responded, “Thank you.”
Bartlett popped open a can of cola, took a sip, and sat on the sofa next to her.
Ellinor held the bottle of yogurt, spinning it in her hand as if she were looking for something.
Bartlett, seeing her actions, couldn’t help but laugh. “What? Are you scared that I might’ve poisoned you?”
Ellinor looked up at him, “No. Didn’t you say you don’t come here often? I don’t know how long the stuff in your fridge has been
there. I was checking if the yogurt was expired.”
Bartlett chuckled, “I bought that yesterday specifically for you. Everything in the fridge is fresh; you can drink it without worrying.”
Only after finding the expiration date and confirming it was fresh did Ellinor open the bottle and take a sip.
Bartlett, resting his cheek on his hand, looked at her affectionately. “Ellinor, are you really leaving Theo this time?”
Hearing that name made the taste of the yogurt in Ellinor’s mouth suddenly bitter. “What else? You think I’m playing hide and
seek with him?”
Bartlett squinted at her, “Can you tell me why?”
Ellinor didn’t really want to talk about it, but since Bartlett helped her, she felt it would be rude not to answer.
“Because he’s been dishonest with me, he’s deceived my feelings.”

Bartlett raised an eyebrow, somewhat confused. “Just for that?”
Ellinor frowned but continued to answer him. “Isn’t that serious enough? If there’s no honesty between two people, why should
they stay together?” Bartlett sighed and said slowly, “In the adult world, is there such a thing as pure love? All love is just a
choice made after weighing its value.”
Ellinor admitted that Bartlett had a point. “Maybe I’m the weird one for being a love purist. I might just stop dating altogether.”
“No need for that! Look at me! Look at me!” Bartlett laughed while pointing at himself.
Ellinor rolled her eyes at him, “What? One minute you’re saying there’s no such thing as pure love, and now you want me to look
at you? Are you stupid?” Bartlett sat up straighter, “I’m not, but I don’t pretend to be something I’m not. Ellinor, you know how I
feel about you, right? Now that you’ve decided to leave Theo, how about giving me a chance?”
Ellinor looked at him with some doubt, “Bartlett, are you serious?”
Bartlett nodded, “Do I look like I’m joking?”
Ellinor scoffed, “Don’t forget that I’m still carrying Theo’s child. Even though I’ve decided to leave him, I haven’t planned on
getting an abortion. Are you okay with me being a woman carrying another man’s child?”
Bartlett immediately responded, “I don’t mind. Just have another one for me later!”
Ellinor was speechless.

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