The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1158

Chapter 1158
She had seen crazy men, but never one as crazy as Bartlett.
Ellinor looked at him helplessly, “Don’t overthink it! I have no plans to have more kids, nor am I looking for a daddy for my unborn
Bartlett pretended to be upset, “Ellinor, helping you escape from the Blanchet family is a big risk for me, and you promised to
date me for a month once we succeeded.”
Ellinor said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t forget. We can date, but don’t expect anything more. I am not in the mood for it.”
Bartlett looked deeply at her as he reached out to touch her, but Ellinor dodged it in a flash.
Bartlett swiped the air with his hand, and after a moment of hanging in the air, he pulled it back with a smile.
“It’s okay, you just got hurt by Theo. I’ll give you time. One day, you’ll accept me.”
Ellinor didn’t have the energy to think about it. “Alright, Bartlett, thank you for your help today. I will stay here for a few days, as
you suggested. You can go back to your work now.”
Bartlett chuckled helplessly, “Ellinor, you really know how to discard a used tool.”
Ellinor chuckled, “I haven’t finished using you yet, so I won’t discard you for now.”
Bartlett fell silent.
As if she remembered something, Ellinor suddenly reminded him. “By the way, you can’t tell Balfour about me being here.”
Bartlett nodded cautiously, “I know, but he will be really worried about you.”
Ellinor was silent for a few seconds. “Whether he worries about me or not is not important. The fewer people who know about
this, the better. I don’t want unnecessary trouble.”
Bartlett gave her an OK sign, then was hurriedly pushed out the door by Ellinor, who quickly locked it.
Bartlett couldn’t believe that this woman really had the nerve to kick him out!

It was not that Ellinor was rude, but she knew that every second Bartlett, that devil, stayed, he would bother her. He had no idea
how to restrain himself!
Also, it wasn’t appropriate for them to be alone together.
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After kicking Bartlett out, Ellinor sat back on the sofa alone. Only then did her exhaustion and tension completely vanish, and her
mood settled. However, she now felt an indescribable emptiness.
Theo should know that she was gone by now, right?
The Blanchet Villa.
Putnam Blanchet, sitting in a wheelchair, was watering a plant he had painstakingly nurtured when he heard a flurry of noise
from outside.
Then a bodyguard pushed in Marissa, who was also in a wheelchair, with Veronica, who was holding Baber, following.
The servants rushed over in a panic to attend to them.
Seeing this, Putnam frowned, “What happened? She was fine when she left, why is she in a wheelchair now? What happened?”
After entrusting the weeping and helpless Baber to a maid, Veronica went to explain to her grandfather.
“Grandpa, Ellinor has gone missing. Grandma fainted from the anxiety. But don’t worry too much; we’ve taken Grandma to the
hospital. The doctor said she was fine, just weak from the stress. She’ll recover after some rest.”
Putnam Blanchet’s eyes widened. “What? Ellinor’s missing? What the hell is going on? How could she just disappear?”

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