The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1160

Chapter 1160
Theo said seriously, “Let them keep looking, I’m heading back pronto.”
Veronica, feeling helpless after hearing the phone hang up, sighed and sifted through Ellinor’s phone, but found no clues. What
was Ellinor planning? Could it be possible that she no longer needed Theo?
At the Blanchet Corporation’s branch in M State.
Theo grabbed his coat as he strode out of the CEO’s office. He pushed open the door and ran into a woman who was about to
The woman, dressed provocatively, asked with a puzzled look, “Theo, where are you off to?”
“I’ve got to head back home.” Theo replied without slowing his pace, heading straight for the elevator.
The woman was taken aback. She hurried to catch up with him in the elevator. “Theo, you just got back from home; why are you
going back again? If you leave now, won’t all your previous efforts be in vain?”
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“I don’t have time to think about all that now!” Theo responded.
The woman had never seen Theo so anxious. After a moment of thought, she tentatively asked, “Is it because Ms. Mendoza
back home is mad at you?”
Theo didn’t answer. The moment the elevator doors opened, he hurried out.
The woman followed him out, saying, “Theo, let me go back home with you this time!”
Theo didn’t stop but turned to look at her. After a moment of hesitation, he didn’t refuse.
Sophia didn’t bother to pack her bags. She hurriedly got into Theo’s car and called her housekeeper to ship her luggage over.
In the house Bartlett had arranged for her, Ellinor cooked herself a little something to eat.
Even though she didn’t feel like eating, for the sake of the baby in her belly, she had to force herself to eat something.

Bartlett was quite considerate. The fridge was stocked with all sorts of ingredients. On the fridge door, there was a note held up
by a magnet explaining how to use the gas stove, pressure cooker, and rice cooker in the kitchen.
She was thankful for the note. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have known how to use the somewhat antiquated gas stove in the house.
But how could someone as high and mighty as Bartlett know about such practical matters? He was really a bit of an enigma.
After eating, Ellinor went to lie down in the bedroom by herself.
Just as she lay down, her phone received a text from Bartlett.
“You can use the tablet. After you eat, you can watch movies or play games on it. The IP address is registered to our house
cleaners, so Theo won’t be
able to track it here.”
After reading the message, Ellinor looked around.
Not seeing anything suspicious, she texted Bartlett back. “Did you install surveillance cameras in your house to keep an eye on
“Of course not! Ellinor, aren’t you thinking a bit too negatively of me? I’m not like Theo; I don’t have that strong of a desire to
control everything.”
Ellinor replied with a smiley face emoji.
Bartlett, looking at the smiley face emoji Ellinor had sent him, could almost imagine the smile from that emoji appearing on her

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