The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1161

Chapter 1161
“Who are you texting? You’ve been staring at your phone since you got here.” Balfour, with his coffee in hand, eyed Bartlett who
was sitting in his office.
Bartlett snapped out of it and put away his phone, “Nothing much, just some work stuff.”
Balfour glanced at him, “If you’re swamped with work, why did you come bother me?”
Bartlett took a sip of his coffee and said, “Nothing major, just some annoying errands. I just wanted to chat.”
But Balfour didn’t have time to shoot the breeze; he had a meeting to attend soon.
Just then, Quinton knocked on the door. Without waiting for Balfour to say come in, he walked in looking upset, “Mr. Howard,
we’ve got trouble!”
Balfour looked up seriously, “What’s wrong?”
Even after noticing Bartlett in the office, Quinton still blurted it out without reserve. “Mr. Howard, there’s a problem with the
Blanchet family; Ms. Mendoza… seems to be missing!”
Balfour’s calm face turned stern. “What? How did that happen?”
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Quinton explained. “There have been more security guards at the Blanchet Villa lately; we thought they were ramping up security
to protect Ms. Mendoza. This morning, Ms. Mendoza went to Central Park with Marissa Blanchet, and then she disappeared.
The Blanchet family is currently looking for her everywhere.”
Furious, Balfour slammed his coffee cup on the desk, “Theo can’t even protect his own wife; what the hell is Ellinor still doing
with him?! Quinton, get some people to search for her too. If you find her, bring Ellinor to me; don’t send her back to the Blanchet
Quinton responded, “Yes, Mr. Howard!”
Once Quinton left, Balfour’s face was still gloomy.

Bartlett, sitting across him, seemed pretty chill though.
He had promised Ellinor that he wouldn’t spill the beans to Balfour.
“Balfour, don’t stress. Ellinor was doing just fine before she met Theo, right? I believe she’ll be okay.”
Balfour glared at Bartlett, “She’s not your sister, so of course you’re not worried!”
Bartlett raised an eyebrow, took a sip of his coffee, and said with a smile, “Ellinor may not be my sister, but I do have a thing for
Balfour snorted, “What good does your crush do? She will never be yours! I don’t have time to shoot the breeze. I need to find
Ellinor! She’s expecting! What if something happens?!”
With that, Balfour got up to leave; even though he was hobbling, he still moved with urgency on his cane.
Bartlett quickly caught up and stopped Balfour, “Seriously, dude, you’re gonna find someone in your condition? You should let
Quinton and his guys do it, or they’ll have to babysit you instead!”
Balfour was itching to ditch his cane and run. At a critical time like this, it was really holding him back.
Bartlett patted Balfour’s shoulder. “Trust me, Ellinor will take care of herself.”
Balfour looked puzzled. “How can you be so sure? Do you know where Ellinor is?”
Bartlett shook his head with a smile. “I have no idea. But from what Quinton said, it sounds like Ellinor purposely left the Blanchet
family. If she planned her departure, she would have arranged everything. You need not worry.”
Balfour frowned. “Ellinor planned to leave the Blanchet family? Why would she want to leave? Weren’t she and Theo all lovey-
dovey just a few days ago?”
Bartlett shrugged. “I have no idea. I’m just guessing. Maybe Theo’s being too controlling, and Ellinor’s not happy.”

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