The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1162

Chapter 1162
Balfour snorted. “I should’ve never let Ellinor stay with Theo!”
Bartlett patted his shoulder lightly, “Don’t sweat it; you’re not in the best shape right now, so just chill here and wait for updates!
I’ll go find Ellinor for you!” After saying that, Bartlett turned around and swaggered off.
Balfour, looking at Bartlett’s retreating figure, furrowed his brows deeply and heaved a sigh.
Once he found Ellinor, he definitely needed to bring her home. He couldn’t let her be wronged by the Blanchet family anymore!
Late at night.
The plane landed.
Theo practically raced home. He didn’t even have time to greet his grandparents and went straight upstairs to his room to look
for clues.
The room still had the faint scent of her favorite shampoo, but she was nowhere to be found.
He opened the wardrobe, and he saw that all her clothes were still there; she hadn’t taken anything.
She left again?
Just like last time, she left without a word! Why?
Frustrated, he punched the wardrobe, making a loud noise that woke Veronica, who hadn’t been able to sleep.
Veronica came in and saw Theo looking furious.
She asked cautiously. “Bro, you’re back?”
Theo looked up at Veronica and asked, “Did she say anything to you before she disappeared this morning?”
Veronica shook her head, “No… she seemed perfectly normal; neither Grandma nor I noticed anything wrong. We have no idea
Theo clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, “Who gave you the permission to take her out?!”

Veronica looked puzzled and said. “She said she was feeling cooped up at home and wanted to go out to feed the pigeons in the
park. Grandma felt sorry for her, so she agreed.”
Theo took a deep breath, “Now that she’s missing, are you guys happy?”
Veronica looked innocent and said, “Bro…”
Just then, Sophia, who had come back with Theo, walked in and said. “Theo, don’t blame Veronica and Grandma; they didn’t
intend for this to happen. The most important thing now is to find Ms. Mendoza, right?”
The veins in Theo’s forehead were bulging. Didn’t he know that finding her was the most important thing?
His guys had been looking for her all day, but they didn’t find a single clue!
Where was he supposed to find her?
Veronica looked at Sophia, who had suddenly appeared, with confusion. She looked at her outfit, which didn’t seem to be in line
with local fashion, and asked cautiously, “Who is this woman?”
Before Theo could say anything, Sophia walked up to Veronica with a smile and introduced herself. “I’m Sophia! Veronica, you
might not have met me, but I’ve heard a lot about you from Theo!”
Veronica furrowed her eyebrows and asked her, “Are you close with my brother? Why are you here?”
“Yes, we’re close. We’ve known each other for many years.”
Veronica looked at Sophia with suspicion. She said she was close with her brother, but how come she never knew her brother
knew such a woman?
A few nights ago, her brother and Ellinor had a fight. Could it be because of this woman?

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