The Kiss that Sparked it All

Chatper 1165

Chapter 1165
Ellinor frowned as she opened the door. “What are you doing here this late?”
Bartlett held up a bag of food. “I bet you can’t sleep, so I brought you some midnight snacks!”
Without another word, he walked right in and changed into slippers, making himself at home.
ཆ ཆ ཇ ཚ འ ༄ཡ
Well, it was his home.
After closing the door, Ellinor crossed her arms and muttered, “Bartlett, I asked for your help, but you can’t just do as you please,
Ignoring her words, Bartlett walked into the kitchen with the food, fetched some utensils, and asked with a smile, “Roasted beef
or chicken, want some?” Ellinor frowned and said seriously, “Yes!”
Laughing softly, Bartlett waved her over. “What are you waiting for? Come and eat! The barbecue from this place is fantastic. Try
Ellinor walked over and looked at the barbecued meat Bartlett had plated. It looked tempting and smelled delicious.
But she was puzzled. The street food joint didn’t seem like a place Bartlett, a rich young master, would frequent
She was curious and conflicted.
Bartlett passed her a fork and knife, grinning “Daydreaming? Go on, try it?”
Ellinor reached out but didn’t take the cutlery. Is there only meat? No soda?”
Ignoring her question, Bartlett placed the cutlery in her hand, gently pushing her to sit down.
Ellinor frowned, thinking that Bartlett seemed to have a hearing problem.
She had asked for sodal
Usually, you’d have wine or soda with barbecue.

Just as she was about to complain, she saw Bartlett taking out two bottles of soda from the fridge
Before she could say anything, Bartlett sat down. He carefully cut the meat into small pieces and placed them on her plate. He
then started cutting another piece.
Ellinor was stunned. What was he doing?
Delivering food late at night and now cutting her meat?
“Are you going to eat? Or continue daydreaming? Bartlett reminded her with a chuckle after noticing that she had spaced out.
After snapping back to reality, Ellinor said. “You don’t need to do this I can cut it myself
Bartlett smiled. “Even if you can cut, you don’t have to as long as I’m here. You just need to eat.”
Ellinor didn’t respond.
She knew he meant well, but it still felt awkward
She picked up her fork and started eating the beef on her plate, watching Bartlett’s thoughtful actions. “Mr. Rex, you must have
cut meat for many girls, haven’t you?”
Bartlett paused and looked at her. “Why do you always think the worst of me? Can’t you believe I’m just a kind person?”
Ellinor scoffed. “Someone like you would only cut meat for others if you were trying to woo a girl”
Bartlett chuckled, “You really underestimate me! Do I need to do this to win a girl over? Even if I didn’t do this, there are still girls
who would chase after me. You’re the only person who has ever been reluctant to accept mel

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