The Man's Decree

Chapter 3927

Chapter 3927 Never Try To Show Off “Before the assessment, everything is the same. I’m participating in the deacon assessment, so the latter part will be different,” Carla explained to Jared.

“Oh, I see!” Jared nodded in understanding.

Carla said, “Axel, during the assessment, don’t wander off. Just stay behind me. Also, how is your practice with the demonic fire? Our Violet FlSect specializes in fire techniques, so most of the assessment will focus on that.” “Well…” Jared hesitated, unsure of how to respond.

He had three demonic fires and had even comprehended the fire nascence but he wasn’t sure how to describe his current level.

Seeing Jared’s hesitation, Carla was slightly alarmed. “Axel, you don’t lack a demonic fire, do you? Without it, you can’t pass the inner court assessment. The most crucial requirement is having demonic fire.” “Carla, I do have the demonic fire,” Jared said, revealing a flicker of fire at his fingertip.

The flwas weak, resembling a candle flthat seemed like it could be blown out easily. Seeing Jared’s weak flame, Carla was both amused and worried.

The others also remained silent, wondering if such a weak flcould pass the assessment.

However, Judd reassured Jared, “Having demonic fire is enough. At least it gets you through the door. No matter how strong you are, without demonic fire, you can’t pass the assessment. Look at Adan over there he’s a Sixth Level Tribulator, the strongest among the outer disciples. As he still hasn’t produced demonic fire, he can’t becan inner disciple.” Judd was trying to ease Jared’s pressure.

Jared just smiled without saying anything, as he didn’t want to reveal his true capabilities and scare everyone. The group then gathered around Carla, who explained the key points of the assessment and the use and refinement of demonic fire.

Although her explanations had sgaps, Carla clearly knew more than the outer court disciples.

But compared to Jared, she fell short. Jared had comprehended the fire nascence, an advanced understanding beyond mere demonic fire.

It was clear that everyone was both nervous and excited about the assessment.

Jared, however, felt indifferent, knowing he could pass with his eyes closed. To him, the inner court disciple assessment was as simple as child’s play.

Ding, ding, ding…

An ear-piercing bell rang, causing everyone to fall silent and look ahead with serious expressions.

Jared saw Thiago holding a jet-black token, which he pressed into a circular hole.

A humming sound followed, and light curtains rose before them, displaying a lush, green landscape in stark contrast to the surrounding desert of the Violet FlSect. Many looked at the scene with longing in their eyes.

Living in the desert for too long made them yearn for a different environment, much like the desire to travel.

Even the most beautiful scenery can make one want to escape after living there long enough.

Little did you know, the places you travel to are the very splaces others long to escape from!

“Axel, don’t be nervous. Just treat it like a stroll. No matter the outcome, you are bound to becan inner court disciple,” Judd said, patting Jared’s shoulder. “I understand.” Jared nodded.

“Carla, I’m entrusting him to you. Take good care of him. If the deacon assessment gets too tough, don’t push yourself and withdraw immediately. The later stages can be very dangerous,” Judd instructed Carla. 

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