The Million-Dollar Heart by Rebecca Ryan

Chapter 738

Victoria rolled her eyes at Gavin, her voice thick with defiance. “I’m talking to my dad; what’s it to you?”

Gavin slammed his hand on the table, his voice booming. “Victoria! You’re getting completely out of line. Harrison is your husband,

a member of this family. Look at yourself; what kind of attitude is that?

| asked you to handle things because it’s for the good of our family! No respect for your elders, gallivanting about all day—what

have you learned? Can’t even handle this simple task. It’s embarrassing to even admit to our acquaintances that you’re my


Sophie twirled a lock of her blonde hair, sashaying towards Gavin in an attempt to calm him. “Daddy, please, don’t be angry.”

Then she turned to Victoria with a smirk. “Sis, you’re really out of line. Dad’s just trying to check in on your progress. After all,

dealing with that Kaitlyn has been dragging on forever.”

Her smile was coy and suggestive. “You always seem to have plenty of tricks up your sleeve when it comes to dealing withand

my mom. How cnone of them work outside? Don’t tellyou’re taking pity on Kaitlyn and dragging your feet on purpose?”

“Shut up!” Victoria’s gaze was icy. “I’m talking to Dad. What right do you, a bastard, have to interrupt? The Abernathy family’s main

hall has, for generations, been a place for legitimate heirs and their offspring. Sophie Abernasy, a woman who can’t even claim her

place in the Abernathy family tree and clings to the nfor the sake of its sound—who gave you the audacity to stand here and

squawk at me?”

“You!” Sophie’s face flushed a deep purple, “Dad, look at her! How can she speak tolike this? |—I’m just looking out for her. The

deadline we promised the Grimshaw family is nearly upon us. If we can’t deliver the recipe, we’ll be in trouble. The Grimshaws

have far more influence and wealth; how can our family stand against them?”

Sophie’s face bore a striking resemblance to her mother, especially in her pretentious and affected mannerisms.

Victoria felt sick just looking at her, and Harrison, witnessing the scene, couldn’t help but frown.

Gavin, having loved that woman for over a decade, watched his daughters clash with a dark scowl on his face. “Victoria, kneel!”

Victoria clenched her fists, her eyes fierce. “And if | refuse?”

Gavin’s eyes, murky and venomous as a snake in the dark, hissed, “Refuse? Guards! Today, | beat you till you kneel! “

He had indeed been too lenient with Victoria lately! His daughter, just like her mother, was stubborn to the bone!

Back in the day, her mother, flaunting her status as an Ellington heiress, had humiliated him tand again. His affection for her

had been utterly worn down to nothing!

And now, Victoria dared to mimic her mother’s rebellious stance!

The audacity!

At his command, two of the Abernathy family guards stepped forward, their voices stern.

They charged towards Victoria, intent on bringing her to heel.

Walter, standing to the side, would not let them near, fighting two against one, determined to protect Victoria.

Sophie knelt with one knee before Gavin, sneaking glances at Victoria, a malicious glee shining in her eyes, wishing she could mar

her sister’s face.

Seemingly unsettled by Victoria’s defiant gaze, Sophie clung to Gavin as if frightened. “Daddy, her bodyguard is so fierce. He won’t

cand hit me, will he?”

“He wouldn’t dare!” Gavin was livid with his unruly daughter! He glared at Walter, his voice cold and menacing. “Walter, don’t

forget whom you serve. | employed you to protect my daughter, not to join her rebellion.”

Walter bowed his head, a barely noticeable flash in his eyes. He murmured, “I have not forgotten who raised me, sir. But if | am to

protect Ms. Victoria, that is precisely what | shall do. My duty is to guard her, and if she is threatened, | must ensure her safety.”


Gavin was furious, ready to explode, but Harrison, who had been silent, casually glanced at Sophie, defusing the tension. “Dad,

Victoria just spoke out of turn; that’s just her nature. You know that. She is your legitimate daughter, the only child listed in our

family registry. Frankly, the future of the Abernathy family will rest on her shoulders.”

Harrison was in Gavin’s good graces, but his relationship with Victoria, his biological daughter, was not quite the same. Without a

son of his own, Gavin had taken to grooming Harrison as his successor.

And Harrison knew how to speak. With a few words, he had calmed the storm brewing in the old man’s heart, which had been set

on disciplining Victoria moments before. “Both of you, enough.”

Sophie was not satisfied, glaring at Harrison. What was so special about Victoria that everyone seemed to side with her?

Wasn’t it commonly said that Harrison didn’t even like Victoria? Yet today, he was speaking up for her!

Harrison didn’t give a second thought to her glare. When he saw Gavin nodding along to his words, he chuckled, “You know,

Kaitlyn’s stubbornness is a carbon copy of yours. Both of you have that unyielding spirit. They say a camel on its last legs is still

larger than a horse, and Kaitlyn, as the last surviving member of the ancient warrior lineage of the Littleton family, deserves a bit

more time. | believe in her; she’ll make it.”

Deep down, he really couldn’t stand Victoria. But to the world, she was still his wife. Having her kneel because of an illegitimate

daughter was not only a slap in Victoria’s face but his own as well!

How could he stand for that?

Watching the two burly bodyguards back down, Victoria shot Harrison a surprised glance, and her lips twitched. However, she

didn’t voice the ‘thank you’ that teetered on the edge of her tongue.

It wasn’t that she felt awkward; it was simply the wrong place and time.

Sophie was far from willing to let matters rest. Clinging to Gavin’s thigh, she cooed, “Harrison, you’re being too hard on my sis. The

Littleton family is such a minnow; who knows if their secret recipe is even legit? | say we look for another solution. I’ve heard that

the heir to the Grimshaw estate is still single. Daddy, your daughter is willing to ease your worries.”

“Sophie, what kind of daydreams are you having?” Victoria knew this woman had no shame, but she hadn’t expected her to stoop

this low, “Do you think the Grimshaw heir is a trash can that takes in anything and anyone?”

Out of sight, Sophie’s resentful gaze lingered on Victoria for a split second before she turned back to Gavin, resting her head on his

thigh with feigned fragility, “Daddy, did you hear what she said? I’m just trying to help her lighten the load, and she speaks to me

like this?”

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