The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2955

Chapter 2955

The Martial Reverend was in disbelief.

“I watched her die with my own eyes back then.

I was so sure that she died in front of me, so how is it possible she’s still alive?” “This news comes from
a trusted source.

The Southern Academy’s Great Elder led a group of elders into the depths of the Great Wilderness.

They even fought with the Malevolent Demon but ended up wounded.

The Southern Academy’s Great Elder came personally to relay the news to us.

“The Southern Academy’s Headmaster instructed him to pay us a visit and request you to gather the
world’s powerhouses to attack the Malevolent Demon in the Great Wilderness.” Hearing this, the
Martial Reverend’s expression turned dour.

He had experienced first hand how terrifying the Malevolent Demon was.

He was a Grand Emperor who was considered to be unrivaled in the Eidolon Realm.

However, the Malevolent Demon managed to injure him despite being simultaneously attacked by
countless powerhouses 30,000 years ago.

The Eidolon Realm would face a disaster if the Malevolent Demon truly did survive.

The Martial Reverend immediately got up and headed toward the main hall.

Niklaus had been waiting in the main hall for a while.

Soon, two figures approached.

He quickly stood up and courteously addressed them,” Martial Reverend.” The Martial Reverend gently
waved his hand and dove straight into the main topic as he asked, “Is the Malevolent Demon really still
alive?” Nicklaus nodded and said affirmatively, “Yes, she’s definitely still alive.

Our elders came face to face with her and even engaged her in battle.” Hearing the confirmation, the
Martial Reverend took a seat.

Niklaus continued to speak, “We’ve already relayed the message, and powerhouses from the other four
academies are making their way to the Southern Academy as we speak.

We’re waiting for you to join us and lead the attack against the Malevolent Demon in the depths of the
Great Wilderness.

The Martial Reverend fell into thought.

During the battle 30,000 years ago, he had gotten severely injured.
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Although his injuries had recovered, the Malevolent Demon’s sinister energy within his body had not
been expelled.

He knew how terrifying the energy was since even he could not get rid of it.

If the sinister energy were to spread throughout the Eidolon Realm or across the entire Boundless
Realm, it would definitely be a catastrophe.

After thinking for a while, the Martial Reverend stood up and said, “Go back and tell the Southern
Reverend that I’ll immediately summon powerhouses from the Paragon Sect and head to the Southern
Academy.” Niklaus stood up and cupped his hands, saying, “With the Martial Reverend’s support, I’m
sure we can take down the Malevolent Demon.

I’ll take my leave and return to inform our headmaster about your participation.” The Southern
Academy’s Great Elder, Nikalus, did not stay long and quickly left the Paragon Sect.

After Niklaus left, the Martial Reverend instructed Mateo, “Pass on the order that all powerhouses
above the Divine Rank’s Third Stage are to be prepared to set off toward the Southern Academy.”
“Understood.” Mateo, the Great Elder of the Paragon Sect, immediately left to carry out the order.

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