The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2956

Chapter 2956

James loitered around the Malevolent Demon Residence for around a month.

He waited patiently on a mountain outside.

During this period, he saw large numbers of cultivators appearing within the depths of the Great
Wilderness and entering the Malevolent Demon Residence.

However, none of those that entered the Malevolent Demon Residence had exited yet.

At least tens of millions of cultivators had entered the Malevolent Demon Residence as of now.

James looked at the huge mountain ahead of him pensively.

He thought, ‘How big is the Malevolent Demon Residence? How couldn’t any cultivators that entered
come out again? I wonder if something actually happened…’ As the possibility popped up in his mind,
he quickly dismissed it.

‘So many cultivators have gone inside.

It’s impossible for something to have happened.’ Meanwhile, countless powerhouses from the Eidolon
Realm were gathered at the Southern Academy.

The Southern Academy was one of Eidolon Realm’s five major academies.

They were considered a major force.

Although they did not have any Grand Emperors, they had many Quasi Emperors and several that
were very close to becoming Grand Emperors.

The Paragon Sect’s leader, the Martial Reverend, stood in front of the group.

He was a Grand Emperor and was the leader of the Eidolon Realm’s Ten Powerhouses.

He was easily considered the strongest in the Eidolon Realm.

With his strength, he was indeed worthy of being called the Eidolon Realm’s strongest cultivator.

The powerhouses gathered within a conference hall of the Southern Academy.

The Martial Reverend stood in front and beside him was the Southern Academy’s Headmaster.

Standing below them were some elders from all of the five major academies.
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Behind them were other powerhouses from other prestigious families and sects in the Eidolon Realm.

More than a hundred people were gathered in the hall.

The Martial Reverend sat in the highest seat and looked at the powerhouses before him.

He said solemnly, ‘Thirty-thousand years ago, all of you went into the depths of the Great Wilderness to
subdue the Malevolent Demon.

Unfortunately, the Malevolent Demon survived and is currently still alive.

If she is to order another attack on our cities, it’ll definitely be a disaster for the Eidolon Realm.” The
Southern Reverend interjected, saying, “We’ve called everyone to the Southern Academy to prepare a
foray into the Great Wilderness to take down the Malevolent Demon.

We must eliminate her before she launches another attack on our world.” All the powerhouses
gathered in the hall had already heard about the Malevolent Demon.

At that moment, a powerhouse shouted, “We’ll follow after you, Martial Reverend.

If you give the order, I’ll immediately send powerful cultivators from my sect to join you in the attack
against the Malevolent Demon.” “The same goes for me!” “The Malevolent Demon must be killed.”
“Back then, the Malevolent Demon ordered tens of thousands of monsters to attack our cities and
caused a lot of people to die.

“We can’t let such a disaster take place again.” “We must kill the Malevolent Demon.” The
powerhouses present assented to the plan wholeheartedly

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