The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2959

Chapter 2959

Chapter 2959

“Haha.”Nova chuckled and said, “A Grand Emperor that’s achieved as much as Emperor Jabari won’t
be killed that easily. It’s not easy for him to die completely. Even the Heavenly Path couldn’t completely
dispose of Emperor Jabari.”

“Wait, is Emperor Jabari still alive?” asked James.

James stood motionless in place while his Primordial Spirit entered the Celestial Abode.

His Primordial Spirit materialized his appearance as he stood in front of Nova.

James asked, “Do you mean Emperor Jabari is still alive?” Nova thought for a while and replied, “He’s

“He’s dead? But you just said…”

James was bewildered by the conversation.

Nova explained, “Emperor Jabari is indeed dead. His body was destroyed during the Primordial Age,
and his soul was severely injured. As such, he disappeared from this world.”

James knew very little about Emperor Jabari.

All he knew was that Emperor Jabari was a figure from the Primordial Age. Before the demons
attacked the universe, he was a famous powerhouse that had reached the Grand Emperor Rank.”

James asked, “Can you tell me more about Emperor Jabari?”

Nova slowly nodded.

Nova slowly dredged the memories of his past. After a while, he said, “Emperor Jabari was born in an
ordinary family. Not only was he unable to cultivate, but he also had a frail body ever since he was a

“However, Emperor Jabari had a fortunate encounter. He met the most important person in his life. This
person went on to become his protector, his teacher, and the love of his life.”

Intrigued, James asked, ‘Who’s this person?”

Nova replied, “I don’t know her, but I heard from Emperor Jabari that her name is Yukia Dearnaley.”

“Yukia guided Emperor Jabari on his cultivation path and taught him invincible techniques. Despite
being an ordinary person, this allowed Emperor Jabari to rise above everyone and become a peerless

“However, Yukia only guided Emperor Jabari in secret.

“After he became a Grand Emperor, she disappeared. He tried to find her, traveling all over the
universe, but was unsuccessful.”

James asked, “Then how did he die? Did he die in the battle during the Primordial Age? Nova shook
his head and said, “No. Emperor Jabari was born in the early phase of the Primordial Age. His life
ended way before the battle during the Primordial Age. Emperor Jabari’s death was destined.”

“Destined? What fate did he have?” asked James.

Nova explained, “His fate was to become an Ancestral God.”

While speaking, Nova’s expression became solemn. After a long pause, he said,

“After the Primeval Age, it was impossible for anyone to become an Ancestral God. Since ancient
times, many people have come close but none succeeded. Those that tried to make themselves
Ancestral Gods died.”

“Emperor Jabari was the same. Back then, he traveled all over the universe and visited various worlds.
He ventured into various rare and dangerous places and eventually created his own unrivaled
Supernatural Power. He was already at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven and was only one
step away from becoming an Ancestral God.

“After Emperor Jabari made careful preparations, he was prepared to break into the rank that only
existed in the Primeval Age. However, he was punished by fate. His physical body was destroyed, and
his soul was eradicated.”

Hearing this, James took a deep breath. He never expected that Emperor Jabari was so strong that he
was on the cusp of becoming an Ancestral God.

‘Then what did you mean by your statement just now? Is he still alive or not?” Nova said, ‘Theoretically,
he is dead.
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“However, Emperor Jabari seemed to have known his fate beforehand. Therefore, he forged the
Celestial Abode in advance and fused a portion of his Primordial Spirit inside this place.

“Although his body disappeared, and his soul is no more, he’s not really dead as long as the Celestial
Abode still exists.”

James glanced around in shock and asked, “D-Do you mean that Emperor Jabari is still within the
Celestial Abode?”

Nova nodded. “Indeed. Emperor Jabari has been using the Celestial Abode to reform his soul and
Primordial Spirit. He attempts to go against the Heavenly Path and resurrect himself from death. He

has always been waiting for the opportunity to do so.”

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