The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2960

Chapter 2960

Chapter 2960

James never expected Emperor Jabari’s remaining soul to fuse with the Celestial Abode.

He had possessed the Celestial Abode for a long time but was unaware of this fact.

Nova said, “I’m the only one in the universe who knows about it. Even Sophie, who resided in the
Celestial Abode for a long time, had no idea that Emperor Jabari’s soul fused with the Celestial Abode.”

James fell into thought. After a while, he asked, “How is Emperor Jabari doing now?” Nova replied,
“How do I put this…? Emperor Jabari is indeed dead, but a small fraction of his soul remains in the

Celestial Abode. As long as some fragment of his soul still exists, he will be resurrected sooner or later.
Emperor Jabari had already recovered some power initially. However, Sophie came into contact with
the Heavenly Path’s restrictions while trying to help you, and the remnant of Emperor Jabari’s soul
appeared to deflect the Heavenly Path’s lethal blow.”


James was surprised by the information. He did not expect Sophie to be attacked by the Heavenly Path
for helping him.

Sophie would have died if not for the remnants of Emperor Jabari’s soul.

“Come. I’ll take you to see him.”
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After speaking, Nova began to lead the way.

James followed behind him and they walked deep into the city.

Soon, they reached another yard.

James had never been to this place before. Although he was the Celestial Abode’s owner, his strength
had always been insufficient to enter these places.

A lone mansion was in the yard, surrounded by a bamboo forest.

Eventually, they arrived at the mansion’s doorstep.

James walked into the courtyard curiously. The place was full of fallen leaves, and it was evident it had
been long since anyone had last cleaned it.

A statue stood silently in the courtyard.

The statue was carved in the image of a handsome man in his 30s. The statue’s eyes looked into the
distance, and his face was full of contempt for the world.

James walked over to the statue and murmured, “Is this the statue of Emperor Jabari?”

At that moment, the statue’s eyes suddenly moved. Shortly after, the stone statue slowly transformed
into a young man wearing a white robe.

Seeing this, Nova greeted him courteously. “Emperor Jabari.”

Knowing that the man before him was Emperor Jabari, James did not dare show any disrespect. He
also immediately greeted the man. “Emperor Jabari.”

Since he obtained Emperor Jabari’s Celestial Abode, he had greatly benefited from it and it had helped
him through many tough situations.

As such, James was very grateful to Emperor Jabari. Emperor Jabari stretched his body, then turned to

He smiled satisfactorily and said, “Your growth is rather slow, but you have a stable foundation.
Moreover, you have a lot of treasures. With some time, you’ll definitely reach great heights.”

James humbly replied him, “You’re flattering me, Emperor Jabari.”

Glancing at the emperor, James was curious as to why he could not sense any energy from him.

Right then, Emperor Jabari seemed just like an ordinary human.

“I’m sure Nova has already informed you about my situation. Right now, I’m a mere soul fragment. I’ve
recovered and repaired my soul over time, but had gotten severely injured again after protecting
Sophie last time. However, my soul has already recovered significantly since I’ve been able to
recuperate for a while.”

James nodded. “I see.”

He suddenly remembered the purpose of his visit and asked, “Do you know what’s going on outside?”

Emperor Jabari nodded lightly and said, “I just woke up, but I think I know what you’d like to ask me.
You want to know about the patterns on the stone wall, correct?”

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