The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2964

Chapter 2964

Chapter 2964

Emperor Jabari was very confident. Although he currently existed as a fragment of his original soul, he
still did not consider Grand Emperors a threat.

James was relieved to hear Emperor Jabari’s remark. He asked, “Could you teach me how to solve the
formation? This place has something to do with my wife, and I’m trying to get past this stone wall to find


James heaved a sigh of relief. He looked at the group of powerhouses led by the Martial Reverend and
said, “I can decipher it.”

The area immediately fell silent upon hearing his words.

Everyone stared at James.

Yikron thought he had misheard and walked over to James in disbelief. He asked,

“What did you just say? Did you say you can decipher the formation?”

James nodded slowly in response.

“Ha!” Yikron sneered.

“Who do you think you are? Even the Martial Reverend isn’t capable of breaking through this formation,
but you think you can?”

James glanced at Yikron in annoyance. He had never antagonized Yikron, yet all the latter has done is
mercilessly insult him and get in his way.

James asked calmly, “What happens if I successfully decipher it?”

Yikron replied in a derisive tone, “If you succeed, I’ll behead myself for you.”

James gently waved his hand, saying, “That won’t be necessary. If I succeed, you need to stay away
from her.”
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James pointed at Xainte.

Yikron was slightly taken aback by his request. He burst out laughing again, “Do you really think you’ll
succeed? Are you just trying to show off in front of Xainte?”

As soon as hisinsults left his mouth, many people in the crowd laughed along with him.

To them, James simply looked like he was too full of himself.

Even a powerhouse like the Martial Reverend was unable to break the formation. James was at the
Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage, and any of them could kill him with the snap of a finger.

How could such a weak human like him decipher the formation? James ignored everyone’s heckling.
He looked at Yikron and asked coldly, “What’s wrong? Are you too scared to agree to the condition?”

“Of course not.”

Yikron sneered. “If you succeed in breaking the formation, I’ll never approach Xainte again.”

Then, he added. “However, I’m sure you’ll fail.”

James disregarded Yikron and walked toward the stone wall. He stood before the stone wall and raised
his head to observe the patterns. The patterns were extremely disordered, and even a powerhouse
would find it hard to identify it as a Sacred Blossom Puzzle Formation.

After James raised his head, he asked Emperor Jabari for help, “What should I do next?”

Everyone watched in stunned silence as they saw James walk over to the stone wall.

Even Yikron looked on in bewilderment scene and thought,’ Does this brat really know how to decipher

However, he quickly discarded the thought.

‘Impossible. He can’t possibly know how to solve it. Even the Martial Reverend was baffled by the
formation. How could this brat have the strength to break it?’

Intrigued, the Martial Revered also stared at James. Despite his low cultivation rank, he was able to
immediately identify that the stone wall was blocked by a Sacred

Blossom Puzzle Formation.

Now, he even claimed to be able to solve the puzzle. He was curious to see how James would break
the formation.

Meanwhile, James stood under the stone wall.

Emperor Jabari made a move from within the Celestial Abode. He raised his hand, unleashing powerful
energy from his palm. The energy flowed out from the Celestial Abode and surrounded James.

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