The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2965

Chapter 2965

Chapter 2965

The potent energy immediately drew everyone’s attention.

“T-That’s some powerful energy.”

“l-lt’s the energy of an Emperor!”

“Could he be a Grand Emperor that was hiding his true strength?”

After sensing the energy around James, many of them gasped in astonishment.

Yikron’s jaw dropped, and he was the most flabbergasted among them. He could not believe how high
James’ energy skyrocketed in that short moment.

Even Xainte, who knew James’ situation, was slightly taken aback. Shocked, she thought to herself, ‘H-
How does he have such impressive energy? Was he hiding his true strength all this time?’

Everyone was shocked by James.

Meanwhile, Emperor Jabari communicated with James from within the Celestial Abode.

He began instructing James to rearrange the engraved stone pieces. Hearing Emperor Jabari’s
instructions, James leaped into the air and moved a stone piece. As he pushed the stone piece, a
powerful force exuded from the spot. It was the power of a cultivation path.

Since it was a Sacred Blossom Puzzle Formation, there would be repercussions if one carelessly
moved around the stone pieces.

Only those proficient in various cultivation paths could decipher the Sacred Blossom Puzzle Formation.

The terrifying force permeated the air, but James was unscathed as Emperor Jabari’s energy easily
dispersed it.

James kept moving the stone pieces according to Emperor Jabari’s instructions.

Although he moved quickly, it still took him a month to finish solving the puzzle. He did not stop for a
moment during the whole month he was rearranging the pieces.
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The stone pieces were constantly shifted around, and powerful force would emerge as they were
moved. The force was enough to kill a Grand Emperor, but James was completely fine.

Among the people present, only the Martial Reverend and a few other powerhouses could understand
why James moved the stone pieces the way he did.

Another month later, James moved the last stone piece.

After that last piece was moved in place, the completed picture of the Sacred blossom was finally

It was just as the bird-like man said before. There was a central petal that was surrounded by five

Then, the petals expanded outward into several more layers.

James descended from the sky and landed on the ground. He looked at the Sacred

Blossom on the stone wall and murmured, “So this is a Sacred Blossom?”

At that moment, the puzzle radiated a dazzling light.

Every petal shone with a blinding light, and the Sacred Blossom on the wall seemed to materialize in
the real world. Suddenly, the stone wall cracked open, and a door appeared.

Only white light shone through the door. Even a powerhouse like the Martial Reverend could not see
past the light.

Seeing that James had not entered, the other powerhouses did not dare move a muscle either.

James turned around and scanned the crowd.

All eyes were on him.

The Martial Reverend walked over and looked at James with a smile. “You sure hid your strength pretty
well. Even I couldn’t ascertain your true strength.”

James smiled faintly in response.

In actual fact, Emperor Jabari was the one who solved the Sacred Blossom Puzzle

Formation, but everyone assumed the effort came from James alone.

In spite of this, James did not explain himself. He let them assume whatever they wanted.

The Martial Reverend looked at James doubtfully.

He was a Grand Emperor and had lived for a long time.

Thus, he knew almost all the powerhouses within the Boundless Realm. Despite that, he had never
met James all this time, and neither did James’ appearance match those of the powerhouses that
vanished from the public eye.

The Grand Emperor could not help but ask out of curiosity,” May I ask for your name?” James smiled
faintly and replied, “It’s James Caden.”

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