The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2967

Chapter 2967

Chapter 2967

In that moment, the Southern Academy’s Southern Reverend was on the way to the depths of the
Great Wilderness with the powerhouses he gathered.

At that moment, a frail voice spoke in the Southern Reverend’s mind.

“Master, the Sacred Blossom Puzzle Formation has been deactivated. All those who entered the cave
have entered the horrific space.”

Hearing the report, a malicious smirk formed on the Southern Reverend’s face. He continued leading
the powerhouses into the depths of the Great Wilderness.

Meanwhile, the news about the Malevolent Demon had spread to different parts of the Boundless
Realm, and reached the ears of many powerhouses. Some adventurous cultivators also rushed to the
Great Wilderness to observe the situation.

After James walked through the door, he felt dizzy and felt as if the world around him was spinning.
Just as he was about to lose consciousness, the spinning stopped, and he realized he had arrived at
an unknown world.

James scanned his surroundings. He was now standing in a barren area.

There were no plants or living beings; only dead silence.

‘What is this place?”

James frowned.

At that moment, his expression immediately changed to one of realization. He sensed a somewhat
familiar energy.

“It’s Curse Magic. This is extremely potent Curse Magic.”

The wrinkles on his creased brow deepened.

He carefully sensed his surroundings to ensure he was not mistaken.

James was horrified that such powerful Curse Magic existed in this world.

Soon, other people began to appear as well.

The first to show up was the Martial Reverend.

After he arrived in the barren area, he was also greatly taken aback.

“W-What’s this energy?”
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More than 30,000 years ago, he fought the Malevolent Demon and was injured by her.

The energy she left in his body had troubled him for 30,000 years. Even now, he was still unable to
completely dispel the energy from his body.

As soon as he arrived, he immediately sensed the same appalling power.

It was the power of the Malevolent Demon.

“W-What’s this place?”

‘Why do I sense extremely corrupt energy?”

Many powerhouses appeared in the area with puzzled looks.

At that moment, Xainte also arrived. Feeling the Curse Magic, she approached James and asked,
‘What’s happening? Why is there such heavy Curse Magic in this place?”

James shook his head lightly and said, “l-l’m not sure either.”

Xainte frowned and asked, “l-ls it related to… The Malevolent Demon?” Initially, she almost mentioned
her mother’s name, but realized there were too many outsiders. As such, she quickly amended her
words before responding carelessly.

James gently shook his head.

At that moment, Emperor Jabari’s voice rang in his ears.

“Be careful, James. This place is very unusual, and the energy here is vile. Even though Thea might
have reached the Quasi Emperor Rank’s Ninth Tribulation, the energy here is more powerful than
anything I’ve ever sensed. A Quasi Emperor at the Ninth Tribulation shouldn’t be able to possess such

Hearing this, James was shocked. He had a general understanding of the ranks beyond the Divine

There was the Divine Rank’s First, Second, and Third Stage.

Then, the Quasi Emperor Rank had Nine Tribulations one had to endure.

The Grand Emperor Rank was divided into Nine Heavens.

A cultivator at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven was the strongest one could reach in the entire
Emperor Rank and would put one on the cusp of becoming Ancestral Gods.

However, Emperor Jabari said the Curse Magic in this place was far superior than the energy of a
cultivator at the Qausi Emperor Rank’s Ninth Tribulation. James was both bewildered and alarmed.

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