The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2968

Chapter 2968

Chapter 2968

Overhearing James and Xainte’s conversation, the Martial Reverend inquired in turn,

“What is Curse Magic?”

Although he was affected by the Curse Magic, he had no idea what it was.

The Martial Reverend and the other cultivators present had never heard of Curse Magic before.

Many of them looked at James and Xainte perplexedly.

James cast a glance at the Martial Reverend and the other powerhouses gathered.

His main purpose for traveling to the Boundless Realm was to find the Ancestral God

Rank Elixir to ensure humanity’s safety. Even if the Boundless Realm were to be isolated from the rest
of the world, that was fated to happen and was not something he could prevent.

After careful consideration, James said, “It needs an extremely lengthy explanation. I’ll have to start by
explaining the Four Calamities humanity had to face.”

“Four Calamities?”

The Martial Reverend was puzzled, and so were the other people present.

All the humans present looked at James in confusion.

The Four Calamaties faced by humanity? When was this supposed to happen?

James knew the people of the Boundless Realm had no idea about the Four

Calamities. After all, the Four Calamities were events that would happen 100,000 years in the future.

He looked at the Martial Reverend and asked, “As a Grand Emperor, you must’ve heard of the
Primeval Age, right?”

The Martial Reverend nodded lightly and said, “I have heard it’s related to the survival of the Boundless

The Martial Reverend was a Grand Emperor that had lived for a long time. Therefore, he had vast

He said, “A major incident happened during the Primeval Age that led to the destruction of a whole
world. Before the world was destroyed, a few powerhouses united and set up a powerful formation. The
worlds surrounded by the formation comprises the Boundless Realm.

‘That formation is called the Boundless Formation.”

James nodded and said, “Indeed. Well, I’ll start by explaining about events from the Primeval Age.”

“During the Primeval Age, Heaven’s Adjudicators used to roam the universe. Their purpose was to
punish those that defied the Heavenly Path. Back then, many human powerhouses were dissatisfied
with the Heavenly Path and wanted to usurp it to create their own rules.

“Many powerful humans united to rebel against the Heavenly Path. However, they failed, and it marked
the end of an age.

“Perhaps the powerhouses had already known it would fail and gained the knowledge that the
Heavenly Path would create the Four Calamities to annihilate humans after ages had passed.

“As such, a few Ancestral Gods banded together to refine an Ancestral God Rank Elixir.

‘Taking this elixir will temporarily give one the strength of an Ancestral God. It’s crucial to resolving the
Fourth Calamity that humans will face in the future.

‘To ensure the Ancestral God Rank Elixir’s safe keeping until the opportune time, many powerhouses
joined hands to seal off a region to keep the elixir safe. This place is none other than the Boundless

“As for the Curse Magic, it’s a product of the Third Calamity.

‘When the Third Calamity struck, Curse Magic was inflicted on all human beings.”

James parted his lips and recounted the events prior.

Hearing this, the Martial Reverend looked at James distrustfully.

Many of the events during the Primeval Age have been long lost. Very few powerhouses fully knew
what happened. How could James know so much and even know about the Four Calamities in the

The Martial Reverend looked at James and asked, “How do you know all these things?”

James replied slowly, “It’s because I came from the future. I appeared in the Boundless Realm after
passing through the River of Time. I came here specifically to find the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.

“I’ve come from the period between the Third Calamity’s aftermath and before the Fourth Calamity’s

“Humanity’s Fourth Calamity is the Judgement Calamity. Heaven’s Adjudicators will reappear and try to
wipe out the universe’s humans. Every member of the human race will face unavoidable judgement.
Only by finding the Ancestral God Rank Elixir can we prevent this catastrophe.”


After hearing this, all the humans present took a sharp breath.

The Martial Reverend asked, ‘Then what is the origin of Curse Magic?”
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James explained, “During the Primeval Age, there was a peerless powerhouse called the Ancestral
Talisman Master. He practiced an invincible art called Curse Magic, which uses Curse Power.

“In the future, the Heavenly Path will use Curse Magic to target humans.”

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