The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2969

Chapter 2969

Chapter 2969

The Martial Reverend pondered for a brief moment and asked, “Then why is this place full of Curse
Magic? Also, why does the Malevolent Demon know howto use Curse Magic?”

James shook his head. He did not divulge anything about the Malevolent Demon’s identity.

Although he knew it was Thea, he did not reveal the information to them.

Thea suffered an Energy Deviation and took many lives. This earned her the hatred of those in the
Eidolon Realm. He might also suffer their wrath if he told them how he was related to her.
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As for why the place was plagued with Curse Magic, he did not know.

However, there were a few possibilities that came to mind.

One, was that this place had existed since the Primeval Age.

The next was that the Ancestral Talisman Master had a successor that currently resided in the
Boundless Realm.

The third was that Curse Magic found its way into the Boundless Realm, and someone in the
Boundless Realm obtained its power. This particular living being used Curse Magic in this area, which
resulted in the abundant Curse Magic pervading this desolate place.

At that moment, the Martial Reverend was lost in thought. He was trying to evaluate whether there was
truth in James’ words.

James claimed to have traveled through the River of Time.

How strong must he have been to travel through time?

He was a Grand Emperor and had a lot of knowledge. From his understanding, one had to be proficient
in the Path of Time to open up the River of Time.

Traveling through the River of Time was a transcendent act that required one to have the power to go
against the Heavenly Path.

Had James reached the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven, allowing him to resist the Heavenly

The Martial Reverend fell into thought.

After a while, he asked, ‘Then what should we do now?”

Regardless of whether James’ words were trustworthy, the most important currently was what they
should do next.

How were they going to find the Malevolent Demon? In order to escape this place, they had to kill the
Malevolent Demon.

Moreover, the Curse Magic that plagued the area was incredibly oppressive. If it were to leak into the
outside world, it would be a hazard to the Boundless Realm.


At that moment, one of the weaker cultivators shouted.

After his alarmed scream rang out, flames burst out from his body and engulfed him.

Seeing this, a powerhouse beside him leaped into action and extinguished the flames with his potent

Although the weaker cultivator survived, he sustained heavy injuries.

James quickly reminded everyone. “Be careful. Don’t get afflicted by the Curse Magic. It’s almost
impossible to expel it from your body. Even a Grand Emperor won’t be able to get rid of it.”

Despite James’ words of warning, his advice was rather ineffective. The cultivators had already stayed
in the area for a prolonged period, and the Curse Magic was thick in the air. Therefore, everyone in the
area was already beginning to be afflicted by it.

Those that were weaker were already suffering from the effects of the curse.


A flash of lightning pierced through the sky and struck a cultivator.

With the effects of the curses beginning to take shape, many of the cultivators in the area were affected
and sustained injuries.

Some were burned, and others were struck by lightning.

There were also those whose bodies began to rot.

However, everyone was relatively capable and were able to suppress the curses for now.

Although they ended up cursed, they were temporarily safe.

However, the curse would remain in their bodies.

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