The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2971

Chapter 2971

Chapter 2971

Emperor Jabari was at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven but was only a soul fragment.

His current strength was only equivalent to the Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven.

If the situation was set up by a mastermind in the Primeval Age or by the Heavenly Path, then it would
be hard for him to resolve it.

“What should we do now, Emperor Jabari?”

At that moment, Emperor Jabari was also deep in thought. His current state made it impossible for him
to resolve the situation. He would have to reshape his physical body and regain his strength.

However, the Heavenly Path already deemed him dead.

Once he reshaped his body and Primordial Spirit, the Heavenly Path would surely catch on and
immediately kill him.

“It’s fate. Everything is fated.”

Emperor Jabari took a deep breath.

He felt the reason a fragment of his soul survived was that everything was already predetermined by

“You can’t rush it, James. We still don’t know the exact situation yet. If it’s really what Iguessed, then I’ll
have to reshape my physical body ahead of time. However, I’ll need your help with that.”

Stunned, James asked, “How will I help you when I’m so weak?”

Emperor Jabari said, “I need some rare materials to reshape my body. I won’t be able to go out to find
them in person, so I’ll need your help. Moreover, I have to set up a formation to avoid the Heavenly
Path’s detection.

James replied, “As long as you need me, I’ll do whatever it takes to help, even if it means risking my

Emperor Jabari said, “Things haven’t progressed to such unfavorable lengths yet.”

After speaking, Emperor Jabari fell silent.

James continued to wander around in the unknown area.
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At that moment, Nova looked at Emperor Jabari inside the Celestial Abode and asked,

“What exactly is going on, Emperor Jabari?”

Emperor Jabari had an unusually solemn look. He replied,” I’m thinking about some stuff. I should’ve
definitely met my end back then. Even though I’d forged the Celestial

Abode in advance, the Heavenly Path would still have been able to sense my remnant soul. There
must have been a force that secretly protected my remaining soul in the Celestial Abode.”

Nova was also a powerhouse, so he immediately understood Emperor Jabari’s words.

“Everything was set up so that you would participate in this fight against the Heavenly Path. To be
precise, it’s a fight against the force behind the Heavenly Path.” Nova looked at Emperor Jabari.

Emperor Jabari nodded solemnly. “It’s a fateful battle that was started ages ago. Countless
powerhouses were involved in it. All humans and living beings are like chess pieces. However, I can’t
figure out who’s in control of the game.”

Emperor Jabari had no idea who initiated this fateful battle. He also knew the opponent was the force
behind the Heavenly Path. However, who was the mastermind planning everything for the humans?

Was it the group of Ancestral Gods during the Primeval Age?

What did they see for them to insist on killing the Heavenly Path? He still could not figure it out despite
being at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven.

Since Emperor Jabari could not find an answer, he stopped thinking about it. He was already involved,
so he had to be fully prepared for the fight.

“I’ll have to go into seclusion to research a formation that can avoid the Heavenly Path’s detection.
Then, I’ll ask James to help me find some materials to reshape my body.

As long as I can reshape my physical body, my soul will have a vessel. Then, I’ll be able to recover my
peak strength shortly.”

Emperor Jabari looked at Nova and instructed, “Take care of James for me. He’s an essential piece in
this chess game. His existence might disrupt the Heavenly Path’s plan, so he must be kept safe.”

Nova nodded and said, “Don’t worry. I’m always paying attention to James. He’ll be fine.”

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