The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2972

Chapter 2972

After James solved the Sacred Blossom Puzzle Formation, many cultivators entered the unknown
world shrouded in Curse Magic.

Soon, the Southern Reverend also brought a group of powerhouses into the Malevolent Demon
Residence. Since all the formations had been deactivated, the Southern Reverend’s party easily
advanced through the Malevolent Demon Residence.

They reached the deepest part of the cave and saw the deciphered Sacred Blossom Puzzle Formation.

The Southern Reverend hesitated. He looked at the powerhouses present and said, “The Martial
Reverend must’ve already led powerhouses through this door. The Malevolent Demon is likely beyond
this point. Let’s go and check out the situation. This time, we have to kill the Malevolent Demon!”

“We’ll follow after you, Southern Reverend!”

“Yeah! We’ll definitely besiege and kill the Malevolent Demon this time!”

Many powerhouses responded enthusiastically.

The Southern Reverend smiled lightly and took the lead through the door.

The other powerhouses followed suit.

Many cultivators traveled deep into the Great Wilderness, entered the Malevolent Demon Residence,
and arrived at the world shrouded in Curse Magic.

Time passed day by day.

Three years passed in the blink of an eye.

In the past three years, many other powerful cultivators from the Eidolon Realm continuously ventured
into the world full of Curse Magic. Even those from other outside worlds also joined them in adventure.

An estimation of ten billion living beings had entered the unknown world.

The weakest among these cultivators were at the Divine Rank.

James stayed in the world shrouded in Curse Magic for three years.
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Fortunately, they did not encounter any dangers.

James did not find Thea, nor did he find the way to leave or the source of the Curse Magic.

Curse Magic was like oxygen coexisting with this world.

In the beginning, many powerhouses ventured into the world together.

However, most of them gradually scattered in the past three years to find their own boons.

James’ party was left with Xainte and the dozens of powerhouses led by the Martial Reverend.

Many humans gathered on a mountaintop in a barren mountain range in a world shrouded in Curse

Among them was James.

James sat in a lotus position on a rock and looked toward the sky surrounded by black mist with a
solemn expression.

He had searched this unknown world for three years, but there was no trace of Thea. James was
worried, especially because of Emperor Jabari’s speculation that the mastermind behind this scheme
might have taken control of Thea.


Xainte approached him. Seeing that he was in a daze, she asked, “What are you thinking about?”

James snapped back to reality. He turned to Xainte, sighed, and said, “‘I was thinking about the… the
Malevolent Demon’s whereabouts. It’s already been three years, but there haven’t been any signs of
her. Is she really in this world?”

James was doubtful about Thea being in this world.

Xainte sat down on a rock.

She did not have the answer to James’ question.

Xainte was also eager to find her mother but had no idea where she could be.

“Don’t worry. We’ll find her sooner or later.”

Xainte could only comfort him.

James nodded lightly in response.

Meanwhile, the Southern Reverend also led a group of powerhouses in the unknown world for three
years. All the powerhouses he led were significant existences in the Eidolon Realm, and all were at the
Divine Rank’s Third Stage or above.

There were also many Quasi-Emperors among them.

At that moment, black clouds appeared in the air and swept over to them, trapping the powerhouses
before they could react.

Only one person was not affected by the black cloud—the Southern Reverend.

The Southern Reverend stood in place and looked at the powerhouses trapped by the black clouds
with a cold expression.

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