The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2974

Chapter 2974

The deepest region of the world was shrouded in Curse Magic.

A black palace floated in the sky, and many ferocious monsters surrounded the area.

There were flying monsters, land monsters, and all kinds of different monsters.

They all had one similar characteristic—their whole body exuded black energy.

The monsters looked very evil.

At that moment, a beautiful, expressionless woman flew out of the black palace.

She appeared in the air and held a black sword. The sword’s tip was slightly curved and the blade
radiated terrifying black energy.

She waved her sword, and black energy emerged to form several mysterious words that looked like a

The various monsters around the palace roared as soon as they saw the words appear.

At that moment, the color of the sky immediately changed.

Then, the ferocious monsters began to charge out in different directions.

Thea led the group of monsters away from the black palace.

Terrifying monsters suddenly attacked the cultivators that entered the unknown world, and fights broke

The fallen cultivators had their Blood Essence sucked away by a mysterious force. The absorbed Blood
Essence gathered in the air, and a mysterious formation began to form.

Meanwhile, James was sitting on a mountaintop somewhere in the mysterious world.

“What’s that?”

Xainte pointed at the sky.

James regained his senses and looked toward the sky. He saw the vague red words in the sky.

At the same time, James noticed the smell of blood permeating the area.

The Martial Reverend and the other powerhouses also looked toward the sky.

Everyone was shocked by the scene.

After looking at it briefly, Xainte turned to James, asking, “Do you know what that is?”

James shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

Then, James turned to ask Emperor Jabari, who was inside the Celestial Abode, about the

However, Emperor Jabari had already gone into seclusion. Thus, Nova was the one who responded

Nova had been paying attention to the outside world, but he could not make sense of what was

“Wait for a while, James. I’ll go and ask Emperor Jabari.”

Nova then went to look for Emperor Jabari.

He headed to the independent manor inside the Celestial Abode, stood before a statue, and said,
“Emperor Jabari, there’s a situation outside.”

At that moment, the statue immediately came alive and transformed into a handsome young man.

It was Emperor Jabari.

Emperor Jabari sensed the outside world.

The scene of the red words in the sky immediately appeared in his mind.

After ten minutes, Emperor Jabari’s expression became solemn.

“It’s a Resurrection Formation.”

Emperor Jabari said solemnly.
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Taken aback, Nova asked, “What’’s that?”

Emperor Jabari immediately contacted James, saying, “It’s a Resurrection Formation, James. I finally
understand the goal of this whole scheme.”

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