The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2977

Chapter 2977

Xainte looked at the fierce battle ahead. After briefly thinking about it, she said, “These monsters aren’t
powerful. Since you can’t do anything, I’ll fight them off. I’ll try to save as many as I can.”

James quickly pulled her back.

“What’s wrong?”

Xainte looked at James.

James said, “I can’t worry about other people’s lives right now. My priority is to find Thea and get her
out of this place as soon as possible. I might be able to dispel the Curse Magic controlling her, but I
have to find her first.”

James came from the Apocalypse Age on Earth.

During the Apocalypse Age, many people died daily due to curses.

He had already gotten used to seeing casualties.

James knew he was not a hero that could save everyone.

Between saving the lives of all these cultivators and his wife, he chose his wife.

It was not an act out of selfishness, but he knew he did not have the strength to save everyone.

Xainte’s goal was also to find Thea and find out what happened to her.

After contemplating, she nodded and said, “Since things have come to this, I guess there’s no other

Xainte quickly led James forward. She was traveling at an insane speed, and James could not even
see his surroundings clearly.

Along the way, the two saw many fights between cultivators and monsters.

The cultivators were holding off pretty well. Although there were an overwhelming number of monsters,
the cultivators that entered this unknown world were all powerhouses. The weaker ones were at least
at the Divine Rank. Therefore, they had many ways of ensuring their survival. Despite the endless
stream of monsters, these cultivators would not be trounced.

One month later, Xainte suddenly came to a stop.

Xainte said solemnly, “There’s a situation ahead.”

James fixed his eyes ahead and saw various monsters hidden within dark clouds.

Standing ahead of the monsters was a woman. She wore a black dress and had long black hair.

Moreover, black energy was emerging from her body.

It was none other than Thea.

The Demonic Energy radiating from Thea was vigorous and terrifying.


James’ heart skipped a beat after he spotted Thea.

Xainte called out for her, “Mother!”

After thirty thousand years, she finally got to see her mother again. Seeing Thea, Xainte could no
longer hold back her emotions and rushed toward Thea.

“Careful, Xainte…”

James shouted for her, but Xainte had already flown toward Thea.

In the area ahead of them, a fierce battle was taking place.

Thea was leading tens of thousands of monsters to fight a group of powerhouses from the Eidolon
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Among them was the Martial Reverend, a few powerhouses from the Paragon Sect, several members
of the five major academies, and several powerhouses from the Eidolon Realm.

The powerhouses gathered and fought off the monsters. The shock waves from the battle were
terrifyingly strong. Their force alone destroyed mountains and caused countless pits to form on the

James looked at Thea, who was caught in the battle, worriedly.

At that moment, Thea was besieged by dozens of powerhouses. Among them were the Martial
Reverend and some other Quasi-Emperors.

Even though Thea was powerful, she still struggled against the group of powerhouses.

She sustained several injuries and was stabbed in the chest, with blood overflowing from the wound.

Her black blood dripped onto the ground. A drop of her blood formed a pit about several hundred
meters deep.

Seeing her entangled in the fight, James had a solemn look.

“What should I do?”

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