The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2978

Chapter 2978

James’ expression was solemn.

At that moment, Thea was besieged by countless powerhouses. The weakest among the group was a
Quasi-Emperor, and there was also a Grand Emperor.

Thea was not a match against so many of them and was constantly sustaining injuries.

“What should I do, Emperor Jabari?”

He turned to Emperor Jabari in the Celestial Abode for guidance.
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Emperor Jabari’s voice came from the Celestial Abode. “I already told you I can’t easily expose myself.
Besides, I can’t resolve this situation even if I were to intervene.”

“What about you, Nova? Could you help me? I need to save Thea and take her away.”

Novas replied, “I don’t stand a chance against them. The weakest among them is a Quasi-Emperor,
and the strongest is a Grand Emperor. My strength is only equivalent to the Grand Emperor Rank’s
First Heaven. I won’t be of much help even if I take action.”

James was left with no other choice.

He wanted to take advantage of the chaotic situation to bring Thea somewhere safe from everyone,
then dispel the Curse Magic in her body.

However, Emperor Jabari could not intervene, and Nova stood no chance against the Martial
Reverend’s party as well.

Meanwhile, James was weak and could only watch the battle from afar. He could not even get close to
the battlefield. Otherwise, the force from the battlefield might kill him.

He observed the battlefield worriedly.

Although Thea had not become a Grand Emperor yet, she had the Four Holy Beasts’ blood and
practiced the Four-Quadrant Art. Moreover, she had Exalter as a weapon. Therefore, she was still
managing to block the powerhouses’ series of attacks.

At that moment, Xainte rushed into the battlefield.

Seeing that Thea was injured, she could not be bothered about others finding out about her identity.

She quickly shouted, “Stop it! Everyone, stop attacking!”

Just as she rushed into the battlefield, a gorilla monster controlled by the Curse Magic attacked her. It
was a behemoth that was about a hundred meters high.

The black gorilla stomped its foot at Xainte.

Xainte’s body flashed to the distance. She casually waved her hand, and a powerful force emerged,
knocking away the black gorilla at the Divine Rank’s Second Stage.

The black gorilla’s huge body crashed into the ground, and it died instantly.

As soon as the black gorilla died, the Resurrection Formation absorbed its Blood Essence, and the
corpse immediately dried up.

Xainte rushed toward Thea without hesitation and shouted, “Mother, stop it!”

Seeing Xainte rush toward the Malevolent Demon, the other powerhouses immediately stopped

The Paragon Sect’s Great Elder shouted, “What are you doing, Xainte? Quickly back away!”

Tears welled up in Xainte’s eyes and rolled down her cheeks. She looked at Thea, who was shrouded
by Demonic Energy. She cried out, “Please stop, Mother!”

Thea was already possessed and had lost all rationale. There was only one goal in her mind—Kill

She raised the Malevolent Sword without hesitation and flickered before Xainte, thrusting her sword
through Xainte’s body.

Then, she knocked Xainte away with another palm attack.

The Paragon Sect’s Great Elder immediately flew over and caught the wounded Xainte. He quickly
brought her away from the battlefield.

The Martial Reverend immediately shouted, “Set up a formation!”

Following the Martial Reverend’s order, the powerhouses dispersed and besieged Thea.

The powerhouses immediately cast a powerful formation.

It was a formation created by the Martial Reverend and some other powerhouses after their battle
against the Malevolent Demon thirty thousand years ago.

Thea was trapped within the formation, and powerful energy struck her body like a crashing wave. She
could not find her balance as the attacks continuously hit her body.

Soon, injuries formed on her body.

James was anxious.

Thea was his wife. Although she was not in her right mind, he did not want anything to happen to her.

Meanwhile, the Paragon Sect’s Great Elder had brought Xainte away from the battlefield.

He placed Xainte down on a boulder.

“Xainte, you’re being careless. What were you doing?”

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