The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2981

Chapter 2981

James took out the Jade Seal without any hesitation.

He activated the Jade Seal, and it floated above Thea’s head.

Several mysterious characters engraved on the Jade Seal immediately came to life. Then, a powerful
force emerged and forcibly absorbed the Curse Power from Thea’s body.

Large amounts of black mist drifted from Thea’s head and entered the Jade Seal.

Then, the force was transferred into James’ body.

James’ body suddenly trembled as he received the force.

The force was overwhelming and hard for him to bear.

Soon, his body was riddled with injuries.

Not wanting to be careless, James quickly sat in a lotus position and began performing Curse Magic.
He activated the inscriptions within his body and gradually integrated the force into his body.

Many cultivators and monsters watched everything happening in the sky.

“What’s happening?”

The Martial Reverend was dumbfounded.

“J-James is absorbing the Curse Power from the Malevolent Demon’s body.”

The other powerhouses were equally shocked by the scene.

At that moment, a lot of discussions began to take place.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

“What sword was given to the Malevolent Demon? Why is it so powerful?”

“James gave her the sword, allowing her to break through the formation we carefully prepared for this
day. Moreover, so many of us were injured.”

“What’s the Jade Seal that James just unleashed?”

“It seems extraordinary to have the capability to absorb the Curse Power.”

Many of the powerhouses discussed the situation.

Meanwhile, James focused on suppressing the energy that entered his body.

The Curse Power he had absorbed previously on Earth had already turned into a few inscriptions in his
body. After he absorbed the curse from Thea’s body, they also turned into a few black inscriptions.

James was unsure of why it was happening.

However, these inscriptions did not have any effect on him.

Soon, James had completely absorbed all the Curse Power from Thea’s body.

Thea fully recovered.

James sat in a lotus position and concentrated on suppressing the Curse Power in his body.

At that moment, Xainte approached them.

Thea noticed Xainte walking over.

Xainte called out, “Mother!”

Thea looked at Xainte with guilt.

She was conscious when she gave birth to Xainte. However, she was injured, and the Paragon Sect’s
Great Elder had coincidentally shown up at that moment. Thus, Thea left Xainte wrapped in a blanket
that had her daughter’s name embroidered on it. Then, she escaped.

Noticing the name on the blanket, the Great Elder of the Paragon Sect named her Xainte Callahan.

Thea looked at Xainte and responded softly, “My child.”

Xainte rushed over and threw herself into Thea’s arms.

The many powerhouses that were watching them were shocked.

How was Xainte related to the Malevolent Demon?

What relationship did James, the Malevolent Demon, and Xainte have with each other?

The reunited mother and daughter cried tears of joy.

“Mother, that man…”

Xainte looked at James, who was focused on suppressing the Curse Power.

Thea looked at James and said tenderly, “That’s your father.”


Xainte took a deep breath.

James had already mentioned it to her before, but she still had a bit of doubt. After receiving her
mother’s affirmation, she reluctantly accepted the truth.

Xainte pouted. “I can’t believe he’s really my father.”

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