The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2982

Chapter 2982

The Curse Power within Thea’s body was completely removed and transferred to James.

James sat in a lotus position in the air, completely focused on suppressing the Curse Power in his body
using the Jade Seal.

With his strength alone, it was impossible to do it without any external means.

However, it was doable with the Jade Seal.

Gradually, the Curse Power absorbed into his body was suppressed.

James had seven black inscriptions within his body. Now, the eighth inscription was slowly taking

Thea was worried about James. Even she could not suppress such terrifying energy and was
controlled by it. How was James supposed to suppress it with his strength?

However, she was relieved after seeing that James was unscathed.

The battle in the area was temporarily halted with the appearance of James. However, several other
fights were still taking place in other regions of the unknown world.

Meanwhile, a mysterious man happily watched the continuous flow of Blood Essence into the formation
from the deepest part of the unknown world and even began humming.

“You’ll be resurrected very soon, My Lord.”

However, he was unaware that Thea had gotten rid of the Curse Power in her body.

Time passed minute by minute.

After James temporarily suppressed the Curse Power in his body, he entered the Celestial Abode.

It would take him a long time to suppress it completely, so he had to enter the Time Chamber. By doing
so, he would have more time to suppress the Curse Power.

Seeing that James had disappeared, Thea knew that he had entered the Celestial Abode. Therefore,
she did not have to worry about him for now. She turned to the powerhouses in the distance.

Her brows furrowed.
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Thea knew she had made a lot of mistakes.

She took a deep breath, then walked toward the Martial Reverend.

The Martial Reverend was already injured. Seeing Thea approach with the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword,
he stood up and was on guard.

Thea called out to him, “Martial Reverend.”

“Malevolent Demon…”

The Martial Reverend had a solemn expression.

Thea said apologetically, “It’s not the first time we’ve fought against each other, so we should be
considered old acquaintances. However, I was being controlled when we fought. A mysterious man
proficient in Curse Magic has been using me. His goal is to resurrect a powerhouse from the Primeval

“I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

“However, this mysterious man would’ve used someone else if not me, and everything would’ve
eventually come to this.

“Moreover, many powerhouses in the Eidolon Realm are already being controlled by this mysterious
man. From the mysterious man’s actions, his goal must’ve been to attract numerous powerhouses into
this world to absorb their Blood Essence. Then, he could activate the Resurrection Formation.

“Our top priority right now is to find the Sanctuary of Darkness and kill the mysterious man behind it.
After his death, this catastrophe will be resolved.”

The powerhouses listened to Thea attentively.

The Martial Reverend fell into thought.

After a while, he asked, “Who was controlling you?”

Thea shook her head and said, “I don’t know his identity either. After I was cursed, I wasn’t always
clear about what was happening around me. Besides, I’ve never seen his face before. He usually
appears in the form of a black shadow.”

The Martial Reverend questioned, “How strong is he?”

Thea fell into thought.

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