The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2986

Chapter 2986

Every sect had its own unique Secret Art.

Xainte used one of their sect’s Secret Art to send a message to the Paragon Sect’s Great Elder.

Then, the Paragon Sect’s Great Elder conveyed the message to the Martial Reverend.

After learning of the message sent to them, the Martial Reverend fell into contemplation. He thought for
a while, then said, “If that’s the case, we’ll meet up with the Malevolent Demon first.”

The Paragon Sect’s Great Elder could sense Xainte’s location.

After pinpointing her whereabouts, the Martial Reverend led his party of powerhouses toward Xainte’s

After Xainte used a Secret Art to send the message, they waited in place.

After waiting for three days, the Martial Reverend appeared in the area with a large group of people.

At that moment, the total number of powerhouses that Thea and the Martial Reverend had saved
exceeded one billion.

After the Martial Reverend appeared, he immediately asked, “What do you plan to do, Malevolent

Although Thea was dissatisfied with how he addressed her, she kept it to herself. After thinking for a
while, she said, “We have to find the Sanctuary of Darkness as soon as possible. If we kill the
mysterious mastermind, this disaster will be over…”


The Martial Reverend frowned and said, “Can you kill him? Can a person who carefully schemed all
this to lure powerhouses into this world and took control of so many monsters be killed so easily?”


Thea was slightly troubled.

The Martial Reverend asked earnestly, “Can you confirm the strength of this mastermind?”

Thea nodded. “I’m not sure, but I estimate him to be a Grand Emperor at the Second Heaven at most.”

“You’re not sure? Your estimation?”

The Martial Reverend frowned and said, “You want to lead us to the Sanctuary of Darkness even
though you’re not sure? What if you’re on their side? Then we’ll be falling right into your trap.”

Before they reunited, the Martial Reverend had thought of many things.

There was a possibility the Malevolent Demon was working with the mastermind behind this scene.
James might also be on their side.

After all, James was the person that solved the Sacred Blossom Puzzle Formation and allowed them to
enter this unknown world.

Moreover, James had the power to suppress curses.
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The Martial Reverend knew he could not be careless as this would determine the fate of countless

“What’s wrong? You don’t trust me?”

James glanced at the Martial Reverend and said, “If I were on their side, I wouldn’t have gotten rid of
the curse in Thea’s body, and neither would I have stopped the fights. The casualties would’ve been far
worse right now.”

The other powerhouses remained silent.

Although they also had doubts, they waited for the Martial Reverend to decide.

Thea interjected in the conversation, “I was indeed controlled by them and was used as a puppet.
However, the curse in my body has been removed. How could I still be on their side?”

The Martial Reverend asked, “Then, do you have the confidence in killing this mastermind?”

“About this…”

Thea was stunned by his question.

James suddenly replied, “I do.”


Xainte turned to James and asked, “Didn’t you say you’re only a Sage? What can you do?”

The Martial Reverend also looked at James. Until now, he still could not figure James out.

He claimed to be a Sage but then displayed tremendous strength. When he solved the Sacred
Blossom Puzzle Formation, his energy was that of a Grand Emperor.

Thea also turned to James.

Sensing everyone’s gaze, James stepped forward and said, “To kill him, everyone here will have to

The Martial Reverend shook his head and said, “We can’t kill him. Curse Magic is terrifying, and he can
defeat those of the same cultivation rank as him.”

James said, “I know a mysterious technique passed down from the Ancient Heavenly Court Age. As
long as everyone here learns it, we can unite and kill this mastermind.”

The technique James was telling them about was the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation.

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