The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2990

Chapter 2990

Countless powerhouses gathered outside the Sanctuary of Darkness. All of them had come to obtain
the inheritance of the Malevolent Demon but fell into a trap.

The group of people only comprised those that Thea and the Martial Reverend had rescued.

There were many more people scatted throughout the Cursed World who were still fighting with

After so long, many of them succumbed to the monsters.

The pungent smell of blood permeated the world.

Countless fights took place in the Cursed World.

James, Thea, Xainte, the Martial Reverend, and the other powerhouses looked at the floating
Sanctuary of Darkness ahead of them.

The Sanctuary of Darkness was massive and black in color. It was shrouded in black mist that did not
dissipate, giving the Sanctuary of Darkness a very eerie and terrifying aura.


At that moment, an unknown beast growled.

Immediately afterward, the gates of the Sanctuary of Darkness swung open. Then, a black mist
emerged from inside and quickly turned into a giant dragon.

The dragon was a thousand meters long and had black scales all over its body. Moreover, it exuded
very bizarre energy.

“It’s an Emperor-Ranked Demonic Dragon.”

The Martial Reverend immediately took a deep breath, and his face became solemn.
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All the other powerhouse had wary expressions. They did not expect to encounter a Demonic Dragon
as soon as they arrived at the Sanctuary of Darkness. Moreover, it was a powerful Demonic Dragon at
the rank of a Grand Emperor.

The Demonic Dragon was a powerhouse being controlled by Curse Power. At that moment, his only
goal in mind was to kill everyone.

The old man in a black robe sat in the Sanctuary of Darkness’ main hall.

He was the Chancellor of the Sanctuary of Darkness.

His mission was to revive a powerhouse from the Primeval Age.

To achieve the resurrection of this powerhouse, the Sanctuary of Darkness had prepared for many

During these long years, the Chancellor of the Sanctuary of Darkness used Curse Power to control
many powerhouses.

The Demonic Dragon attacking the group of cultivators was one of them.

Initially, the Demonic Dragon was to be used as nourishment. After the powerhouses that entered the
Curse World were killed, the monsters and humans he had taken control of were also to die and
become energy for the Resurrection Formation.

However, the Chancellor of the Sanctuary of Darkness had no choice but to send out the powerhouses
he was controlling to kill the group of human cultivators.

“Haha! You guys overestimate yourselves.”

The Chancellor of the Sanctuary of Darkness smiled indifferently.

He casually waved his hand, and a black bag appeared in his hand.

The black bag had a few mysterious inscriptions on it.

At that moment, the black bag opened, and mysterious black energy was released. The energy rushed
out of the hall and manifested into various creatures, including dragons, phoenixes, and some famous
beasts that existed in historical times.

All of them were being controlled by the Chancellor of the Sanctuary of Darkness with Curse Power.
They were all to be used as energy to activate the Resurrection Formation.

However, the Chancellor of the Sanctuary of Darkness released them to defeat James’ party.

James and the others outside of the Sanctuary of Darkness had worried expressions.

Even Thea exclaimed, “So many of them?”

She thought the monsters controlled by the Sanctuary of Darkness were already scattered throughout
the Curse World to kill the cultivators. She never expected so many more to be within the Sanctuary of
Darkness. Moreover, they were very powerful monsters.

The weakest among them was at the Divine Rank’s Third Stage. Moreover, many of the monsters
released were at the Grand Emperor Rank.

Seeing the thousands of monsters appearing in the sky, the Martial Reverend and the other
powerhouses immediately had solemn expressions.

The Martial Reverend glanced at Thea.

At that moment, the Martial Reverend felt that his previous speculation was correct. Thea was indeed
on the Sanctuary of Darkness’ side. Her goal was to lure them to this place and wipe them all out.

Thea waved her hand, trying to prove her innocence.

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