The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2991

Chapter 2991

“What do we do now?”

A Quasi-Emperor spoke, his voice shivering.

All who reached the Quasi-Emperor Rank were prodigies who possessed formidable mental fortitude.
Yet, fear gripped the heart of this Quasi-Emperor.

Everyone looked at the Martial Reverend, Thea, and James.

“Hee hee hee…”

A peal of strange laughter boomed. Then, an elderly man in a black robe flew out of the main hall.
Behind him were twelve masked powerful figures in black robes.

Upon seeing the elderly man, Thea’s eyes widened.

“It’s him!”

Sensing the opponent’s aura, she cried out, “He was the one who controlled me. He’s the Chancellor of
the Sanctuary of Darkness and the mastermind behind the scenes.”

James glanced at the elderly man in the black robe.

“Thea Callahan, I never expected you to remove the curse inside your body. Who was the one who
helped you?” the Chancellor questioned.

To him, the cultivators before him were insignificant. The only individual he was concerned about was
the one who removed the curse. As he was not confident he could stand against the individual, he
requested help from the headquarters, which sent the Twelve Furies.

“It was me.”

James stepped forward.

The Chancellor glanced at James. Sensing his cultivation base, he could not help but exclaim, “You?”

His expression was full of disbelief. How could a Sage Rank cultivator remove the curse?


The Chancellor could not believe this.

At that moment, Jabari, who was inside the Celestial Abode was watching the outside world. His voice
sounded in James’ mind. “James, he’s only at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven. There’s no
way he’s the mastermind behind this. There must be some sort of powerful organization backing him.
Find a way to get more information from him. I speculate that this organization is related to the
Ancestral God Rank elixir. To accomplish our objective, we’ll have no choice but to deal with them.”

Hearing this, James stood in the distance and watched the Chancellor, who was in mid-air. Behind the
Chancellor were the Twelve Furies of the Sanctuary of Darkness. Not only that, but there was a horde
of beasts at the far back. The beasts were huge in number, and each of them possessed tremendous
power. Their combined aura made James feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable.

When he could no longer endure their aura any further, an immense power came from inside the
Celestial Abode to support him. It lifted the overwhelming pressure from him.

He asked coldly, “Who are you? Who are you trying to resurrect by setting up the Resurrection

James’ voice boomed.

Hearing this, the Chancellor was stunned. He glanced at James and said, “Not bad, kid. To think that
you recognize the Resurrection Formation.”

Inside the Celestial Abode, Jabari said, “Don’t waste your breath on him. Ask him about the
organization backing him and his relationship with the Ancestral Talisman Master.”
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James asked once more, “You shouldn’t be able to set up the Resurrection Formation with your
strength. What’s your relationship with the Ancestral Talisman Master and the organization backing
you? How did you manage to learn Curse Magic and control the power of the curse?”

“You know too much for your own good!”

The Chancellor’s expression darkened.

James knew too much. The Sanctuary of Darkness had yet to appear in the Boundless Realm. If word
of the Sanctuary spread, the organization would be crushed by the combined might of the Boundless
Realm. Since it was not yet time for the Sanctuary to make its appearance, the Chancellor knew that
the information could not be leaked.

“Spare not a single one of them.”

The Chancellor’s face was solemn. As he waved his hand, mysterious sigils and runes materialized in
his palm. At that moment, the countless beasts behind him went berserk.

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