The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2994

Chapter 2994

At that moment, even someone as powerful as the Martial Reverend was confused.

Back then when James broke the Flowery Pattern Formation, he knew that James was an unknown
powerful figure. When James admitted that his strength was insignificant and that he was only at the
Sage Rank, he scoffed at his remarks. However, after seeing James struggling to endure the power of
the formation, he chose to believe in his previous words. Now, upon seeing James performing the
terrifying sword technique, he was confounded.

“Who the hell is he? What exactly is he rank?”

At that moment, James had already charged into the horde of beasts. Back on Planet Galileo, he
fought against the Heavenly Path Embodiments for thirty thousand years. The Embodiments performed
invincible sword techniques, and he learned them and merged them into his First Swordsmanship.
However, as his strength was limited before, he could not summon the true force of this sword
technique. Now that he had the combined power of a four-hundred-thousand-strong army at the Divine
Rank’s Third Stage and a few Quasi-Emperors, he could perfectly utilize the true power of the sword

Together with the unparalleled sword techniques, James’ Ancestral God Weapon turned him into a war
god. As he slaughtered his way through the horde, countless beasts perished by his sword. Whether at
the Divine Rank or the Quasi-Emperor Rank, none escaped death. Even beasts at the Emperor Rank
could not resist his sword.

Upon seeing this, the Chancellor’s expression turned grim.
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“What a bizarre sword technique… Who exactly is he?”

He could not figure it out.

He turned around and looked at the Twelve Furies of Heaven and Earth and said, “I’ll leave him to you.
He’s the leader of these humans. Once he’s dead, the others pose no threat to us.”

The Chancellor could tell that James was the most troublesome to deal with. Even a Grand Emperor
such as the Martial Reverend was nothing in his eyes. That was because, among the beasts he
controlled, there were at least a hundred at the Grand Emperor Rank. As such, he could easily
annihilate someone like the Martial Reverend. Now, he could tell that James and the four-hundred-
thousand-strong army had created a formation, which he could not yet recognize.

The Twelve Furies stepped forward.

The one in the lead spoke in a hoarse voice, “Rest at ease, Chancellor. Once we make our move, he’s
dead meat, no matter who he is.”

Then, they flew toward the battlefield.

In an instant, they arrived at the battlefield.

As James slaughtered his way through the horde, he gradually adapted to the power inside his body.
Just as he thought he was invincible, twelve masked individuals wearing black robes appeared. As
their aura was too terrifying, many surrounding beasts hurriedly retreated.

“Watch out, James!”

After knocking back a group of beasts, Thea appeared beside James and gazed at the Twelve Furies.
She could sense that they were extremely powerful and were at the Grand Emperor Rank. Not only
that, they were at least at the Third Heaven of the Grand Emperor Rank.

Holding the Divine Sword in his hand, James’ battle intent grew. Glancing at Thea, he said, “Stand

“But they’re Grand Emperors.” Thea furrowed her eyebrows slightly.

James had a scornful expression on his face as he said, “So what? I’m gonna annihilate them all.”

Saying that, he charged toward them. As he took a step forward, he appeared before the Twelve

Thea did not follow suit. Instead, she scanned her surroundings. Upon seeing the fierce battle around
her, she raised her hand, and a black aura materialized from her palm, gradually forming mysterious

She was familiar with the Mind Control Art, which was imparted to her by the Chancellor.

As she removed the Mind Control Art that controlled millions of beasts, they slowly regained
consciousness. Then, they looked at the Chancellor with livid expressions.

The Chancellor’s expression was solemn.

“Damn you, Thea!”

He cursed.

The Master of the Sanctuary was the one who controlled Thea. Then, he handed her to him and
instructed him to nurture her, explaining that she would be put to good use. He never expected the
curse inside Thea to be removed.

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