The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 2996

Chapter 2996


The agonizing scream echoed throughout the region.

Under the watchful gaze of the crowd, a Grand Emperor at the Third Heaven was turned to ashes. Not
even his Primordial Spirit remained.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

What just happened? Was a Grand Emperor at the Third Heaven annihilated just like that? Who was
that person? How did he possess such terrifying power?

After annihilating the Fury, the remnants of James’ shadow gathered to form his original body. Holding
the Divine Sword, he looked at the remaining eleven with an ice-cold expression on his face, saying
with a faint smile, “Curse Magic, huh? Allow me to show you the true Curse Magic.”

Though James only knew Confinement and Reincarnation, he wanted to see the true power of the
latter. Putting away the Divine Sword, he stood in mid-air and catalyzed Curse Magic. At that moment,
the black characters inside his body materialized into mysterious power that enveloped his body. As he
casually waved his hand, mysterious characters came into view and charged toward the eleven Furies.

Sensing an immense power sweeping toward them, the eleven Furies’ faces turned pale as they
hurriedly staggered backward. However, they were too late. Under the envelopment of the Curse
Magic, their vitality was slowly being sapped away. Even though they were Grand Emperors, they could
not break free of the curse. Soon, they gradually aged.


Upon seeing this, the Chancellor could no longer stay by the sidelines. As he cursed, he charged out of
the Sanctuary.

The Twelve Furies were the core of the Sanctuary. If they died here, he would be reprimanded by the

In an instant, he appeared before the remaining Furies and raised his hand. Powerful force
materialized in his palm and forcibly removed the Curse Magic James performed.

After the Curse Magic was removed, the Furies breathed a sigh of relief.

The Chancellor stood before the Furies and gazed at James in the distance. With shock and horror on
his face, he questioned, “Wh-Who are you? How do you know Curse Magic?”

James smiled faintly and said, “Curse Magic was created by the Ancestral Talisman Master. It doesn’t
belong to you, so why can’t I learn it?”

“You’re dead meat, kid.”

The Chancellor’s expression turned ferocious.

He opened his arms wide. Then, the Curse Power of the entire world swarmed toward him. In an
instant, he was enveloped by the dark Curse Power. The Curse Power was so immense that even
James grew fearful.
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“Die, all of you!”

The Chancellor roared.

Then, mysterious characters materialized from the dark aura. Carrying a bizarre power, these
characters swept toward the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation created by the four-hundred-
thousand-strong army.

The Curse Power was unstoppable. Despite the terrifying magnetic field surrounding the Nine Heavens
God-Annihilating Formation, the boundary shattered immediately upon being struck by the Curse
Power, and the four-hundred-thousand-strong army was instantly affected by the curse, which
frantically destroyed their bodies.

James could sense that the power inside his body was being sapped away at an alarming rate. His
face paled as he cried out, “Hang in there. Otherwise, the formation will break, and everyone will die!”

The four-hundred-thousand-strong army immediately concentrated their full force on resisting the
Curse Power.

Meanwhile, the Curse Power continued to spread. In the distance, some beasts and living beings who
could not resist the curse exploded, and their Blood Essence permeated the air.


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